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Repainting the Lexus LFA

The Pearl Grey Lexus LFA revealed at SEMA earlier this month has led an eventful life — going from its Matte Black days at the 2009 LFA launch in Miami to its commercial appearance in Starfire Pearl — and now we can see just how the supercar transforms from shade to shade, courtesy of Lexus Magazine’s buildlog photo gallery:

Lexus LFA Being Taped off

Lexus LFA Being Painted

Lexus LFA Being Buffed

The attention-to-detail necessary in a job like this must be nerve-wracking, especially when it needs to be done in ten days — an amazing job by B.A.D. Company.

Be sure to check out the full photo gallery over at Lexus Magazine.

Whenever I detail my car, I always begin with a tremendous amount of ambition. Then I just give up. History Channel should've hired me for Top Gear America! Man I'd like to hire these people, but it might be cheaper and simpler to order all the body parts for my LS 400 from Lexus themselves. But then... I'd have to worry about panels that might've not been properly transported. My friend's RX has slightly yellow stains around the edges of his trunklid replacement. Also, the consistency of the paint across each panel isn't that good if they're not made together. :P Oh, and did you guys know that it's impossible to install Lexus body panels by yourself?!
  • J
  • November 23, 2010
I would love to be one of those painters working on that LFA. The final results make it all worthwhile. Nicely done indeed.
  • J
  • November 23, 2010
interesting how Lexus doesnt do the painting inhouse, guess it might be too expensive to fly it back to japan