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Lexus LFA & Toyota 2000GT Photoshoot

While looking for a article photo earlier today, I stumbled across this image from Japanese Nostalgic Car:

I missed it the first time around, but the folks at Japanese Nostalgic Car managed to secure both the LFA and a 2000GT for a photoshoot after a chance meeting at last year’s SEMA:

Like everyone else at SEMA, we drooled over the LFA at its US debut. As we stood there with mouths agape, the Lexus rep saw us holding a copy of JNC and exclaimed, “Hey, I love this mag!” We weren’t about to let an endorsement like that go to waste! We wrangled a 2000GT/LFA photo shoot on the spot and a week later we were in Toyota’s top secret unmarked warehouse somewhere in Torrance.

Just awesome—as a huge James Bond fanatic, the 2000GT has long been one of my favorite sports cars. I would love to see more photos from this shoot.

[Source: Japanese Nostalgic Car]

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