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America’s Favorite Domestic Luxury Car = Lexus?

The global economy in effect or the growing geographic ineptitude of America? An Anderson Analytics survey asked 1,000 U.S. college students to name the county-of-origin of particular brands, one of which was Lexus. 33.7% of the respondents believed it to be an American company, with 37.3% correctly identifying the country-of-origin as Japan. Not a particularly …

Audi Attack

Audi has gone catty and released a commercial that claws at the Lexus LS460’s ability to park itself: Not content to be oh-so-subtle with the dig, the car even slides between a LS460 and an IS350. (Is this about the LS460 winning World Car of the Year over the Audi TT?)
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Celebrity Watch: Rupert Murdoch

In a rather surprising move, Rupert Murdoch took time out from trying to buy the Wall Street Journal to announce his intention to bring News Corporation to a “carbon-neutral” state by 2010. As part of the campaign, Murdoch “has bought a Toyota-made Lexus GS450H “green” car, and other practical measures include solar-powered golf carts to …
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It all started with the LS400. I remember the first time I noticed one, admittedly mistaking it for a Mercedes, only to see that silver L and think I’d seen something rare, like a Ferrari or a Lamborgini. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but the truth impressed me even more, a Japanese Luxury brand, …