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Motor Trend: Long-Term Lexus LS 460 Update 2

Now five months into their long-term test, Motor Trend continues to appreciate what the Lexus LS 460 brings to the table:

[Truck Trend art director] Voehringer, a guitar-playing rock aficionado, adores the 19-speaker Mark Levinson reference surround-sound system, observing that it “supplies a lush spectrum of highs, mids, and especially bass” — the ideal setup for listening to “Driver’s Seat,” by Sniff ‘n’ the Tears. Speaking of driver’s seat, [Online Editor] Floyd loves the LS’s, exclaiming that “after a long day of sitting in my uncomfortable office chair, I poured myself into the LS and my whole body went, ‘aaaaahhhhhh.’”

Used the LS for a quick up and back trip to Carson City for my 10 year high school reunion. Mounted the radar detector in the window and proceeded to gobble Eastern Sierra blacktop at an impressive rate. It might be big, but it’s far from slow, and it does it all with incredible composure, comfort, and silence. Can’t remember ever going that fast up and through the Sierras — the scenery blurring buy all the while sitting in a drama-free pilot seat with little noise interference from the road, engine, or wind.

While I might never forgive Motor Trend for their awful RX vs Veracruz comparison, they were also responsible for one of my favorite LS articles, and I really love these ongoing test reports. I’m looking forward to the year-end results (but not to their eventual LS vs Genesis comparo).

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