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Autoweek Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F reviews keep on coming, this time from the folks over at Autoweek. As with most of the reviews so far, there was considerable praise for both the transmission and the on-track performance, but deviated from the consensus in regards to the ride quality:

Coming over the terrifying crest under the bridge at start/ finish, the car remained stable, despite the loss of some of the gravity it had on the rest of the course. Braking was stable, too, especially going into one, where you don’t want anything funny to happen. The hard-core will miss the ultimate truth of an all-out sport suspension. This one is softer than the previous M3’s, for instance.

Might be the only review so far to call the IS-F’s suspension “soft”.

Speaking of the M3, included in the article is a quote straight from Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi regarding the IS-F competitor:

The goal was not to make a BMW M3, Yaguchi said, though many people will see it as such.

“The M3 is fun for a really good driver, but if you’re not a really good driver, it’s not fun,” he said. “This is a car everyone can enjoy; with this car, your skill level doesn’t matter.”

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