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Lexus LFA Donuts with Scott Pruett

Here’s a quirky Lexus LFA feature from Autoweek Magazine, featuring Scott Pruett really hooning it up behind the wheel: Amazing to think of all the miles Scott has put on these LFA prototypes — after all that tough work, it’s good to see him having a little fun on the job. (Thanks RollaXRS!)
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Lexus IS 250C Review from Autoweek

AutoWeek has posted a editor driver log of the 2010 Lexus IS 250C, and while they gave the convertible marks for its smoothness and features, when it came to styling and and other aspects, they were not as forgiving—first off, senior editor Bob Gritzinger noted the design challenges faced by all hardtop convertibles, and concluded …
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More Lexus LFA First Drives

When the Lexus LFA launched yesterday, a media embargo was lifted and the gates sure opened up! Here’s a couple more first drive articles: Auto Week Auto Week’s Mark Vaughn gives a detailed description of what it’s like to drive the supercar, along with a great quote from the LFA chief engineer: “In our religious …
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Autoweek Reviews the 2008 Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F reviews keep on coming, this time from the folks over at Autoweek. As with most of the reviews so far, there was considerable praise for both the transmission and the on-track performance, but deviated from the consensus in regards to the ride quality: Coming over the terrifying crest under the bridge at …