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Tokyo Motor Show: The Lexus LF-Xh Concept

In preparation for the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus has announced their latest concept, the LF-Xh, though I think it’s safe to call it by its real name, the 2009 RX.

The exterior design is pure L-Finesse as applied to the RX. The front-end is a touch too stubby, and there’s a bunch of the standard concept design conceits, including the tiny windows and the over-the-top interior, but all in all it seems like a natural progression of the current RX styling. I’m particularly impressed by the rear, and I love the light-casing designs at both ends of the car. But my absolute favorite, and this is hardly a surprise, is the panoramic glass roof. I hope this is one feature that makes it to the production model.

With All-Wheel Drive powered by a V6 gas/electric hybrid, the underlying tech is straight out of the RX 400h, so nothing new on that front.

Now, for the photo gallery:

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  • May 11, 2010
@krew: Thank goodness the MKT now takes its place in the resemblance contest.