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Car Magazine Spies the Lexus LF-A

Including three spy-photos of a practically-production version, Car Magazine has hit with some Lexus LF-A news:

As the engine rules in F1 have changed, so has the powerplant under development for the LF-A. It now has a V10 petrol engine of just under 5.0 litres capacity, said to develop a muscly 500bhp for 200mph performance. And a hybrid petrol-electric version is also in the pipeline, using a similar V8 hybrid system as in the LS600h.

This scoop photo proves that Lexus is paying a lot of attention to the aero package, and it’s working on a pop-up spoiler to keep the LF-A stable at all speeds, as well as a huge diffuser clearly visible at the rear.

When will we see the LF-A in showrooms? The latest news is that it’s still a couple of years away from reality …

Learning that LF-A won’t be coming out next year is a touch disappointing. Considering how many times this concept has done the Auto Show circuit, you have to wonder what problems the development team has run into. The exterior certainly looks finalized, and the engine didn’t seem to have any trouble with Nürburgring, so why the hold-up?

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