Peacock & Lexus: A Love Story

The Blue Peacock Strikes

A gay blue peacock, living at the stately British home of Sir Benjamin Slade, apparently developed quite a liking to an employee’s blue Lexus, and as a result, caused £4,000 of damage with its attempted lovemaking:

The car was left with numerous scratches and dents as a result of the frisky bird’s amorous attack, and Sir Benjamin has now erected signs in his carpark warning drivers of blue cars of the danger presented by his bird.

“It started when he fell in love with this Lexus, which was in a very distinct peacock blue and looked like another peacock boy,” he said.

“He couldn’t control his urges and tried to shag it. He attacked the panels so hard that the car needs a total respray.

Let this be a lesson to you blue Lexus owners, beware the gay peacock. He will break your heart and your car.

Update: Turns out the blue peacock has struck before, all Lexus owners be on the lookout!:

(Thanks Dan!)

[Source: The Sydney Morning Herald]