Lexus GS F: First GenerationVideos

Video: Introducing the Lexus GS F

Here’s the Lexus GS F introductory video shown at the Detroit Auto Show this morning: There’s also seven minutes of B-roll video footage — it’s completely silent, but shows off a lot of good angles: Finally, here’s the full press conference from earlier today with Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken introducing the GS F …

Video: Lexus and the Future of Hybrid Technology

In a collaboration between Lexus & TED, here’s Paul Williamsen from Lexus International and Alex Shen from Calty Design discussing the future of Lexus vehicles, including some insight into the production LF-LC: (From Paul’s comments, we can definitely cross off the LF-LC production model from the list of potential debuts at the Detroit Auto Show …

Video: Introducing the Lexus LF-C2 Concept

Here’s the video shown at the debut of the Lexus LF-C2 concept today at the LA Auto Show: It’s funny the video mentions the past — the Lexus logo between the LF-C2’s rear seats immediately reminded me of the first-gen SC 400:
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Lexus Short Films 2014 Now Online

After a summer making the rounds at international film festivals around the world, this year’s Lexus Short Films are now available for viewing online. Operation Barn Owl The first film is Operation Barn Owl, directed by Satuski Okawa and co-written by Ken Ochiai. The story is tough to describe without giving too much away — …
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Video: The Inspiration Behind the Lexus Color Palette

Here’s a Lexus International video profile of color designer Momoko Okamoto, who’s responsible for many of the unique colors used on Lexus models: (I might have seen a glimpse of the now-discontinued Daybreak Yellow exterior color used on the CT 200h — could you imagine that color on an IS or NX?)
Lexus RC F: First GenerationReviewsVideos

Video Review: Matt Farah Drives the Lexus RC F

Smoking Tire founder and DRIVE TV host Matt Farah has released his Lexus RC F video, and it’s extremely positive: (Should note that there’s an extended 10-minute version of this review on DRIVE +, the subscription-only Youtube channel — don’t know that I’d signed up just to watch, the video above covers the key parts.)
Lexus RC F: First GenerationVideos

Three New Lexus RC F Videos

Lexus International has released three new RC F videos, with the first focusing on the 5.0L V8 engine: Next up is an overview of the Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD) and its three settings: Normal, Slalom, and Track: The final video is straight driving footage of the RC F — never a bad thing, that’s for …
Lexus NX: First GenerationUSAVideos

Video: Guided Tour of the Lexus NX

For anyone looking at purchasing a Lexus NX in the USA, this two-part video with Ming-Jou Chen of Lexus College is an excellent overview of the new crossover: (The new door handle is a real improvement over the current design — very stylish and functional. Look forward to seeing it on other models.)