Mexican Wrestling and the New RX: A New Commercial from Lexus Japan

Lexus RX Amazing Night

Lexus Japan have released their first commercial for the all-new 2016 RX, and it’s an experience difficult to put into words:

I attended the RX Amazing Night event in Tokyo last night — held in the impressive Shibuya Hikarie building, it featured a live Mexican wrestling match between villian Mr. Bader (AKA Bad Blood) and the hero RX (AKA Radiant Crossover Super Hero):

The entire show was a spectacle, with everyone in the audience given a glowing wristband that illuminated in the color of the wrestler currently winning the match:

Lexus RX Wristband

The whole Mexican wrestling angle is completely ridiculous, but it’s also very fun. The quality and reliability of the RX is indisputable at this point, so there’s no real harm in bringing a little humor and playfulness to its character.

I don’t know enough about the Japanese market to say if the campaign will work, but it did make for a unique experience last night — what do you think of the new RX commercial?