Video: New Lexus NX Commercial for Superbowl XLIX

Lexus NX Superbowl Commercial

Lexus returns to the Superbowl advertising game with a commercial for the new NX compact crossover:

The commercial was created by Walton IssacsonVariety talked with one of the ad agency’s founders about the spot:

The Lexus ad is remarkable for what it lacks. The spot features no surprise appearances by a movie star or jokes about guys getting hit in the head or crotch, gimmicks that rear their head at least once in every Super Bowl. Instead, “the star of this spot should be the car,” said Aaron Walton, one of the firm’s founding partners. “We wanted to make sure that the focus was really around the performance of the car, the energy of the car, and we didn’t want to do anything that was going to take away from that.”

The price of a 30-second ad spot during the Superbowl runs between $4.4 million and $4.5 million — the commercial will run during the first half of the game on February 1st.

[Source: Variety]