AutoGuide Comparison: The Lexus NX 200t vs. Mercedes GLA 250

Lexus NX vs Mercedes GLA

Autoguide has a new comparison with the Lexus NX 200t and Mercedes GLA 250:

As tested, these two vehicles come with similar levels of equipment and a price tag separated by less than $100; coming in at just over $45,000. If that seems like a lot of money, both crossovers can be had for substantially less.

Mercedes did a good job shrinking down the Brand’s design elements in creating the GLA. But we find it’s lacking the refinement and quality expected from Mercedes-Benz… A good first attempt at a more entry-level product for the North American market, the GLA comes up a bit short.

And we don’t mean that figuratively either. Even if these two vehicles were the same size, the Lexus still offers more for the money.

Much of the written review is repeated in the accompanying video: