Lexus Enform Video Presentation

This CNet video walks us through the features of the new Lexus Enform telematics service: There’s some very interesting technical points here, particularly the natural language interface to traffic and stock information. The eDestination feature could be a great addition as well, depending on the quality of information provided by Lexus.

Lexus HS 250h Cross-Section

After yesterday’s blocky video screencap of the Lexus HS 250h cut-away that’s being displayed at the Detroit Auto Show, TPP commenter TimeToy posted links to these three images from Autoblog (click for larger versions): From the looks of things, the battery pack seems to be tiered, with part behind the back seat and part under …

2010 Lexus RX 350/450h Gas Mileage Figures

We’ve known since the LA Auto Show that the 2010 Lexus RX would be returning better gas mileage, but a press release issued yesterday gave us the exact EPA figures, which I’ve compared with last year’s numbers (broken down as city/highway/combined): Model 2010 2009 Change RX 350 FWD 18/25/21 18/23/20 +0/2/1 RX 350 AWD 18/24/20 …

Lexus Voice Command & Lexus Insider Service

There were two new features included in yesterday’s Lexus Enform press release that I thought needed special attention. The first feature is Lexus’ new voice control system: This new casual-speech voice recognition system, called voice command, features VoiceBox Technology’s award-winning, patented Conversational Voice Search, and allows drivers to speak more flexible, conversational commands for easier …

Lexus Enform: The New In-Car Telematics Service

Lexus has announced Lexus Enform, their replacement for Lexus Link in-car service. Referred to as a telematics service, this integrated system will be introduced with the new 2010 Lexus RX and adds a new layer of convenience and utility. There are the expected features, outlined here: Automatic Collision Notification (ACN): Safety Connect’s ACN will help …

Custom Lexus IS-F Exhaust by Royal Muffler

Listen to this custom Lexus IS-F exhaust treatment from Royal Muffler, a company based out of California: This design is unique among the current IS-F options as it’s using four race mufflers rather than the more typical muffler/resonator combination. According to Club Lexus, the price is $2,300, which includes install and lifetime warranty. Certainly on …

Lexus IS’ V6 Named to 2009 Best Engines List

The Lexus IS 350’s V6 engine has once again been selected to the Ward’s Auto 10 Best Engines award: Toyota Motor Corp. scores its fourth consecutive 10 Best Engines win with its Lexus 3.5L DOHC V-6, a brilliant design that employs a unique, combination direct- and port-injection fueling system that helps generate 306 hp and …

Woodfield Lexus’ Service Veosk

I have no idea if it’s exclusive to Woodfield Lexus in Chicago, but the kiosk shown in this video would be a great addition to every dealership: There’s certainly a strong case for this to become company-wide. It wouldn’t just be informative to the customer, but it would definitely cut down on the misunderstandings and …

Lexus Hybrid Primer

Since starting this website, I’ve been asked numerous times about the overall benefits of Lexus hybrid technology, so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a basic primer. First off, here’s a direct-from-Lexus video explanation on how a hybrid engine works: Now, everyone knows the primary advantage that (most) hybrids have …

Lexus Remote Touch Controller Demonstration

CNet has posted a LA Auto Show recap of the Lexus RX 450h, which includes a demonstration of the new Remote Touch controller: Looks to be a very impressive solution — my experience with haptic control is limited to the Nintendo Wii, but the continual feedback moving from menu item to menu item is intuitive …
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Video of Artisan’s Twin Turbo Lexus IS-F

We’ve seen the official photo and technical breakdown of the Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F that’s debuting at SEMA next week, and now here’s the twin turbo kicking it on a dyno: It’s a good thing this thing is strapped to the dyno, because I don’t imagine it would be easy to video otherwise.
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Lexus to Move to Hybrid-Only?

When I read Toyota Managing Officer Toshio Furutani’s comments in the Nikkei Business News last week that “in the medium to long term, Toyota was considering making the Lexus lineup hybrid-only”, it barely registered. Now, after seeing it reported over and over, I’ve come to release it might be an idea to post here — …

Lexus LS 600hL Commercial: Kite

What begins as a headscratcher ends up being a very effective commercial for some exclusive Lexus technology: My first time watching the commercial, I immediately though of one particularly weird commercial from a while back, but in actuality it was a very convincing application of the driver monitoring system. [Via: Steadywinds]

700hp Lexus IS Engine Explosion

Not every day you get to see a souped 700hp Lexus IS engine blow up (make sure to turn the sound down, loud rap music ahead): Not sure on the full story, but I can’t help but think whoever made this video of must have wanted to rub it in — either that or it …

Lexus LS 460 AWD Introduced at Moscow Auto Show

When it comes to the release of the Lexus LS 460 AWD version, this picture says it all: As expected, the LS 460 AWD was introduced at the Moscow International Auto Show today, and the folks at Autoblog have a full photo gallery of the model. The only thing? That AWD badge in the photo …

Italdesign Quaranta Hybrid Concept

It may not be a Lexus supercar prototype, but the Italdesign Quaranta concept is powered by a Lexus engine, namely the….RX 400h? Massage the right button, and the rear decklid opens to reveal a powertrain cribbed from what we know as the Lexus RX 400h. Italdesign and Toyota have an ongoing relationship; their first project, …

Lexus LS 460 AWD to Debut at Moscow Auto Show

It was only last week that we heard of Lexus’ plans to release an All-Wheel Drive version of the LS 460/L, and now it’s been confirmed for introduction at the Moscow International Motor Show: The new model, to be sold along side the existing LS 460 and LS 460 L, features permanent all wheel drive …
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SEMA 2008 Lexus IS-F from Fox/Artisan

The Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F project car scheduled for display at SEMA 2008 has been unveiled early, and brings with it some very exciting news for IS-F owners: The vehicle will be debuted at SEMA 2008 in Las Vegas alongside 3 other IS-F’s from different aftermarket companies. These companies will be showcasing and developing …
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The Secrets of Car Camouflage

It may not be Lexus-specific, but Car & Driver has a very interesting article on one of the companies responsible for creating the wild camouflage used to hide pre-production vehicles: Dan owns Autocanvas, one of only two independent U.S. companies that create camouflage to thwart the public—and rival automakers—from eyeing preproduction cars. When Dan reluctantly …
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Lexus IS-F Ringtone

The Lexus Canada website is just full of surprises — first we had the web game that led to a secret video, and now TPP reader Jarrett mentions that there’s also an IS-F ringtone available for download. Here’s a preview, though I recommend turning your speakers down: Granted, it’s pretty intense, and only spent about …

The Lexus/Gran Turismo Exhibit @ The NY Auto Show

Jalopnik has posted up a report on the various video game exhibits at this year’s New York Auto Show, including a Lexus IS-F special edition of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Lexus had three driving simulators set up running the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 Prologue that’s due out in mid-April. Since it was obviously a …
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Lexus LS 460 Lane Keep Assist Video Demonstration

The Lane Keep Assist feature, which effectively locks you into a highway lane, may only available on the European & Asian Lexus LS, but it’s incredibly effective, at least in the context of this video: I’m of two minds with this feature. You can never discount added safety, but the movement towards automated driving makes …

Video of the Toyota Driving Simulator

A video demonstration of the Toyota Driving Simulator has been posted on Youtube: Bit disappointed they didn’t show any virtual accidents. I know the simulator was built to examine potential safety features, but with that music in the background, they could probably test the driving characteristics of someone going insane. (Thanks Dan!)

Toyota Builds New Driving Simulator

Toyota has built a new driving simulator at their Higashifuji Technical Center in Japan, and it looks straight out of science fiction. Inside the 15-foot-high, 23-foot-wide sphere is a Lexus IS attached to an elaborate rail system and surrounded by a 360-degree video screen that displays a virtual driving environment: The internal surrounding sides of …

Lexus Technical Training Session Video

It may run a little long, but this video of the installation of a slippery surface for test driving Lexus’ is still pretty neat: From the video description, this was for a technical training session in Spain, and looks like it would be a lot of fun. Strangely enough, I played a PS3 game today …
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Lexus LF-A Development Hits a Bump

When the same-old Lexus LF-A concept was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show instead of the expected production model, it was a clear sign that something was amiss in the supercar’s development. There’s no official word, but according to a Winding Road source, there’s certainly been some bumps in the road: Rumblings from inside Toyota …
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New Info on Lexus IS-F Quad Exhausts

The Lexus IS-F has taken a lot of flak from the automotive community regarding its looks, but when Edmunds revealed the stacked quad “resonators” weren’t connected to the exhaust system, it became a flashpoint for criticism. Well, turns out the quad exhausts are functional after all — Autospies had the pleasure of spending a few …
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Lexus IS-F in New PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Demo

A downloadable demo of Gran Turismo 5 was made available to Playstation 3 owners this weekend, and more to the point, the Lexus IS-F is one of the seven playable cars! The realism is nothing short of astounding, it even shows through in this filmed TV video clip:
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The Official Lexus IS-F Numbers

It’s official, the Lexus IS-F was announced in Japan today at the Fuji Speedway, here are the details: The V8 5-litre engine will have 417hp and produce 373 ft-lb of torque. The Is-F will be available in Japan on December 25th, and will retail for ¥7,660,000 ($65,742 USD). The Japanese version will be limited to …
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A Look at the Lexus LS 600h/L’s Driver Monitoring...

When released next month, the Lexus LS 600hL will be equipped with a group of technologies, collectively dubbed the Driver Monitoring System, that takes automotive safety to an entirely new level. From the Lexus press release: The system uses an algorithm to map the position of the driver’s facial features and monitors movement of the …

New Official Lexus iPod Integration Kit

If you’ve been bemoaning the lack of official iPod options in your Lexus, there’s some good news: An iPod Integration Kit, approved by Apple, will be available for all current Lexus and Toyota models in early 2008. Retailing for $300, the kit allows you to use your factory stereo (and any steering wheel controls) to …

The Lexus Virtual Tennis Open

Lexus will be sponsoring a “Virtual Tennis Open” to go with its sponsorship of the real-life U.S. Tennis Open taking place next month in New York City. The three-day virtual tournament will use the Nintendo Wii as the gaming platform, and will take place on a scaled down tennis court, pictured below: The winner of …

Lexus IS-F: 415hp = Disappointment?

While attending the Orange County Taste of Lexus, a travelling showcase of Lexus autos, an Autospies member questioned a Lexus representative on the IS-F, who revealed the super-IS will be packing 415hp, a single horse more than the BMW M3. It’s quite possible that the representative was incorrect, though the number does fall inline with …

How Much Horsepower will the Lexus IS-F Have?

There’s a survey over at Autospies right now asking: How much horsepower with the new IS-F debut with? As of this writing, the leading guess is 440bhp to 450bhp with 23% of the votes, but what I found more interesting than the survey is the write up that accompanies it: A few months ago Car …