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Lexus Pre-Collision Technology Upgrade

New Toyota Safety Tech

Toyota has announced two new safety technology systems that are expected to appear in Lexus vehicles some time in the near future.

The first, illustrated above, is an improvement on the current pre-collision radar system that detects probable collisions. The system, which uses millimeter-wave radar, can sense moving objects in the vehicle’s path, and now with this upgrade can now detect potential accidents with a wider coverage area (illustrated above in red).

The second technology is also an upgrade on a current safety technology — when the vehicle detects a imminent crash, the pre-collision system automatically brakes, tightens the seatbelt, deploys the airbags and straightens the seatbacks. Now, this new improvement will let the rear bucket seat rotate to improvement passenger position.

These technologies are expected to debut in the Japanese Toyota Crown before making their way stateside.

[Source: Automotive News via Cnet]