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New Info on Lexus IS-F Quad Exhausts

The Lexus IS-F has taken a lot of flak from the automotive community regarding its looks, but when Edmunds revealed the stacked quad “resonators” weren’t connected to the exhaust system, it became a flashpoint for criticism.

Well, turns out the quad exhausts are functional after all — Autospies had the pleasure of spending a few days with a production model IS-F and found out the tips were attached:

In the rear the most noticeable change from the IS 350 is the “F” badge and the addition of the stacked quad exhaust tips. While previous reports have surfaced showing pre-production placeholders for the upper tips, our test vehicle was full-functional for all four.

I’m surprised that Edmunds didn’t confirm their findings with Lexus before publishing, surely they knew it was a pre-production model. It’s also quite possible this was an oversight on Lexus’ part, and that the fix came after the reviews, but either way, I think it’s safe to put this issue to rest.

(Thanks Dan!)

Update: As it turns out, the IS-F mufflers are not connected to the exhaust tips — thought I should update this post.

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