The Secrets of Car Camouflage

Lexus JX Spy Shot

It may not be Lexus-specific, but Car & Driver has a very interesting article on one of the companies responsible for creating the wild camouflage used to hide pre-production vehicles:

Dan owns Autocanvas, one of only two independent U.S. companies that create camouflage to thwart the public—and rival automakers—from eyeing preproduction cars.

When Dan reluctantly agreed to talk, he imposed a few rules. “I can’t name the manufacturers who buy body wraps from me,” he cautioned. And he refused to meet at his office. “It’s always locked,” he explained. “Only my employees go in or out. Not even my clients meet me there.” He told me that if I brought along some out-of-date spy photos he’d look at them but warned he could neither confirm nor deny whether he’d created the disguises. During the 18 years he’s been in the car-cloaking business, he’s never taken a photo of even one of his camouflage kits. “It’d be too damning to have something like that around,” he said, adding that he didn’t care to talk about the precise address of his factory, only that “it’s in the Detroit metro area.” And he warned that many of my questions would evoke an off-the-record response or no response at all.

As can be expected, it’s all very cloak & dagger, though I’m surprised this is outsourced at all. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep it in-house?