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Woodfield Lexus’ Service Veosk

I have no idea if it’s exclusive to Woodfield Lexus in Chicago, but the kiosk shown in this video would be a great addition to every dealership:

There’s certainly a strong case for this to become company-wide. It wouldn’t just be informative to the customer, but it would definitely cut down on the misunderstandings and general dealership suspicions that most people have. Honestly, it’s one of those things that seems so obvious I’m surprised it isn’t already in place.

Really, all it’s missing is a link to this website!

Update: The company responsible for the Veosk is Innovative Multimedia, based out of Chicago. I talked with company president Ed Vale, who explained that the technology is currently only available at Woodfield Lexus for now, but there are plans to bring to more dealerships some time in the near future.