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Lexus HS 250h Press Presentation Videos

This Lexus HS 250h video press presentation posted by The Auto Network is quite dry, but it’s hard to beat in terms of information if you’re interested in the upcoming hybrid sedan.

Of special note is the second video, which is a technical overview of the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems—too bad there’s an audio issue around the halfway point for about three minutes. One other thing, there’s about an hour of video here, so make sure you’re comfortable:

A very good resource, and I really like one of the cooler features—the infrared-blocking front windshield reduces the amount of heat that enters the vehicle by 30%. Smart enough on its own, but what impressed me was that it makes the vehicle more ecological by cutting down on air conditioner use.

(One other major thing from the video: Lexus Enform will be available on every Lexus by the end of this year, minus the SC.)

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