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Lexus LFA Desktop by Christian Thomas

I’m putting the final polish on the writeup of my Lexus LFA driving experience last week, but in the meantime I wanted to share one of the photos from Christian Thomas, who was the resident photographer at the event — check out this beautiful LFA photo: Select Resolution: 1680×1050 | 1440×900 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 …
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Racing Lexus LFA on Nürburgring Practice Run

With last week’s announcement that the two Lexus LFAs will be competing in the Nürburgring 24h race in May, the supercar is now getting in some practice on the famous German track—which leads me to posting this absolutely bonkers photo from Just fantastic—make sure to check out the photo page for a high-resolution version.
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Lexus LFA Spotted in Monaco

A white Lexus LFA was spotted in the wealthy playground & supercar mecca, the principality of Monaco: No details—perhaps the LFA is making a personal visit to Lexus Monaco’s showroom?  Taking some publicity shots?  Or being demonstrated for LS 600h L owner Prince Albert II? [Source: and Flickr]

More Lexus CT 200h Photos

Autocar has published several additional studio photographs of the white Lexus CT 200h. Compared with computer-processed look of the first photos, these are different, and show the exterior lighting: The forward shots showcase the CT 200h’s headlamp illumination, complete with LED strip accents similar to those introduced with the LS 460 refresh. These LED accents …
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Toronto Auto Show Coverage

I’ll be attending the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto today and will be bringing you coverage of the Lexus exhibit along with plenty of photos (as usual). My major focus will be taking interior photos—every single interior picture I snapped at the Detroit Auto Show didn’t turn out due to my insistence on using …
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Lexus F-Sport Event @ Homestead-Miami Speedway

Wednesday’s Lexus F-Sport Event at the Homestead-Miami Speedway has come and gone, but some of those lucky enough to attend have published their photos & videos from the track, including some beautiful LFA shots from Eric Ho: Be sure to check out his full gallery on Flickr—some very nice 1SC & 2GS photos from the …
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Lexus LFA Roadster Rendering

Dutch website Autogespot has put together a photochop of a production Lexus LFA Roadster, merging elements of the final production car and the 2008 LFA roadster concept: How far of a stretch would it be to expect an LFA Roadster to follow the LFA coupe? It would certainly help to recoup the V10 engine development …
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Lexus LS 460 Sport Photos from Australia

Lexus Australia has just released what has to be considered the best LS 460 Sport photos since the vehicle’s introduction, including a good look at the new daytime running light design: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1482”} My initial disappointment with the Sport grille design has subsided to a point where I may be going the other way. I …
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2010 Lexus LS 600hL Photos & Information

A large photo gallery of the 2010 Lexus LS 600hL has been released by Lexus USA: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1430”} One of the photos in particular gives us our best look at the grille and the new headlight design, which incorporates a thin light strip that mirrors the taillight design: I don’t know that these photos make …
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Lexus LFA Carbon Weave Closeup

Car website Speedhunters managed to get a number of great Lexus LFA photos at the Tokyo Motor Show, including images of the car with an unpainted roof and spoiler, which shows the carbon weave base: Also included in the photo set is some closeups of the engine and the underside of the hood—be sure to …
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Lexus HS250h Photos from Winnipeg

Given the short time frame, I wasn’t able to take too many photos during the Lexus HS 250h event in Winnipeg, but what I lacked in quantity I made up for in quality: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1389”} I found the HS 250h in Matador Red very easy to photograph—unlike the Aurora White Pearl that absorbed all light. …
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Extraordinary Lexus Meetup in Japan

There isn’t much in the way of details, but I had to post these photos taken at a Lexus owners meetup in Japan: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1386”} Simply boggles my mind—it looks like the world’s largest Lexus dealer lot until you start noticing all the various mods and body kits. Absolutely amazing. These photos are from this …
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2010 Lexus GX Spy Shots!

Even with the introduction of next-generation Lexus GX right around the corner, there have only been spy shots of the closely-related Toyota Prado—that is, until the real deal was caught out in the California desert yesterday. First, a couple photos from Edmunds: Also, some additional photos from Leftlane News: Not much detail is given away, …
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Flickr Find: Foggy Red Lexus IS-F

Sean Klingelhoefer, a photographer with Super Street, had a couple days with the Lexus IS-F and decided to take some photos for his portfolio: Absolutely gorgeous. There’s more photos to the set as well, you can check them out on Sean’s Flickr page, and you can see the full story on his blog.
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Lexus IS-F Photo Gallery: Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a small town in Southern Ontario, full of historical significance and now home to some of the finest wine country in Canada. Over the last few years, a new collection of exceptionally modern looking wineries have been cropping up, and I thought it the perfect backdrop to some IS-F photos: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1271”} (Really …
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Flickr Find: Duct Taped Lexus LFA

There’s no question that the Lexus LFA driven at Goodwood was a little worse for wear after its time on Nürburgring, and nothing illustrates that more clearly than Simon Greig’s photo of the beat-up front bumper (click for the full image): Just goes to show, duct-tape really can fix just about anything. [Source: Simon Greig’s …
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Even More Leaked Toyota Prado/Lexus GX Photos

Turns out that I missed a set of next-generation Toyota Prado/Lexus GX spy shots: Ignoring the stunningly bad decal, the side profile is clean and well sculpted. The exaggerated wheel-well continues to impress me, especially in the front fenders, but the front and rear portions of the SUV will need significant reworking before being released …
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Lexus LFA Interior Spied!

The Lexus LFA is continuing on its path to production—the latest test vehicle running Nürburgring is not only riding on a new set of wheels, but also looks to be sporting a close-to-production interior—check out this photo (click for a larger version): Hard to get a true feel, considering the angle, but it looks like …
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Lexus LX570 Photo Gallery: Industrial Waterway

Next up in my 2009 Lexus LX 570 photo galleries is a collection of three different locations—Lake Ontario (looking more like a windy Hawaii), an abandoned steel mill, and along the Welland Canal: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1192”} One of my favorite things about taking LX photos was trying to make it look as tiny as possible. Image …
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Lexus Hybrid Family Portrait

One of the photos taken for the HS 250h press launch was this family portrait of all the Lexus hybrids together (click for larger image): 1680×1050 | 1440×900 | 1280×800 Whether it’s the angle or the arrangement, the HS 250h looks like a much better fit in the Lexus lineup. At the very least, it’s …
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Flickr Find: Soarer Rocket

Posting the Lexus SC 400 review from TTAC yesterday reminded me of a Flickr photo by Jon Sylvester (best viewed in original size): Love the panoramic feel and the lighting—great location as well. (This, of course, is the Japanese version of the SC 400, the Toyota Soarer, which uses a griffin as its logo.)
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Frankenstein Lexus Spotted in Qatar

Car Capture, an exotic carspotting blog, managed to snap some photos of a freakish Frankenstein “Lexus” in Qatar: Let’s see—I’m guessing ES 300 body, BMW headlights and LX rear lights, though who can really tell with all that body work. My favorite touch? The Mercedes V12 badge on the trunk. Fantastic. For larger images, visit …

Lexus Wallpapers of the Week: LS 360° Forged

Willam Stern, resident photographer over at 360° Forged and friend of TPP, has graciously allowed me to post up some of his recent photos as wallpapers — all three of these images feature a Lexus LS 460 with 360° Forged’s Brushed Spec Multi wheels: 1680×1050 | 1440×900 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 1680×1050 | …

Flickr Find: Lexus LFA Roadster Au Naturel

This photo, taken by Car-Parazzi, shows the Lexus LFA Roadster concept at Pebble Beach, a much more natural setting than usual: Gives the impression of what the car would look like on the street — and what I wouldn’t give to be sitting in that driver’s seat!
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TAS 2009: The Lexus IS 350C in Silver

Now a few days removed from the Toronto Auto Show, I’ve been going through the virtual stack of photos that I took, and have compiled my first gallery — here’s the IS 350C in silver: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1044”} As I mentioned previously, convertibles just don’t do it for me (likely due to dealing with bitterly cold …

Flickr Find: Lexus IS-C in Blue

Going through Davidjst’s Flickr photos from the Silicon Valley Auto Show, I spotted the Lexus IS-C painted in what looks to be IS-F ultrasonic blue: We’ve only seen primary colors so far, I wonder if we’ll see the return of the yellow IS?

Lexus HS 250h Cross-Section

After yesterday’s blocky video screencap of the Lexus HS 250h cut-away that’s being displayed at the Detroit Auto Show, TPP commenter TimeToy posted links to these three images from Autoblog (click for larger versions): From the looks of things, the battery pack seems to be tiered, with part behind the back seat and part under …

Live Lexus HS 250h Photos

There were plenty of live photos of the Lexus HS 250h posted online, some better than others. As always, Autoblog has plenty of photos to go through, including this photo of the HS trunk: Looks spacious, benefiting from the batteries being located under the car. Jalopnik posted a similar selection of on-stage shots, but give …
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Lexus HS 250h Official Photos

Lexus didn’t hold back with the HS 250h photos, there’s images from every conceivable angle: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1098”} Early reaction focuses on the HS’ resemblance to the Toyota Corolla, though I see a lot of the IS & ES in the design. Really though, with the vehicle’s focus on gas mileage, much of the design is …
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Lexus HS 250h Spy Shots!

Leftlane News has published possible spy shots of the upcoming Lexus HS 250h hybrid sedan (click for larger versions): I can certainly see some Lexus cues with the hybrid door badging and the LS rear lights, but obviously this is an extremely well-camouflaged vehicle. Update: TPP commenter Eddie also brings up the obviously Lexus side …

Lexus RX Museum in Japan

Lexus Japan has built a museum to display the new RX before its launch in February, though I think it’s safe to say it’s more of an art installation. Take a look at some of these photos: The site is certainly unique, unfortunately it’s also entirely in Japanese so there I can’t really grasp more …

Lexus Wallpaper of the Week: IS-F Gunmetal

Designed to resemble samurai swords, the Lexus IS-F gunmetal forged aluminum rims are the subject of this week’s wallpaper of the week: 1680×1050 | 1440×900 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 (It could be the gunmetal coloring, but the IS-F rim is probably my favorite Lexus wheel design ever.)

Flickr Find: Key to the Future

Lexus of Tulsa is in the process of building a new dealership building, and employee Austin Colbert decided to commemorate the event with this photo: Edited for clarity: It reminds me of my ‘94 LS valet key, but commenters have told me valet keys are now grey and this is now the standard key design. …
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First Spy Photos of the Lexus HS 250h?

So not even twelve hours after seeing the Mag-X rendering of the upcoming Lexus HS 250h hybrid, TPP reader Dan posted a link to a series of photos by Mike Ingels, who very well may have captured the first spy shots of the new hybrid: Considering these photos were taken near the Chrysler proving grounds …

Classic Lexus SC Prototype Photos

During their visit to Toyota’s Automobile Museum in Torrance, California, Urban Racer took some photos of a Lexus prototype that would eventually become the first generation SC: While the basic shape remained the same, it’s a very good thing that rear light cluster was dropped, nevermind those rims. (But are they really much worse than …