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Toronto Auto Show Coverage

I’ll be attending the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto today and will be bringing you coverage of the Lexus exhibit along with plenty of photos (as usual). My major focus will be taking interior photos—every single interior picture I snapped at the Detroit Auto Show didn’t turn out due to my insistence on using natural light, so I’ve finally given in and purchased a flash for my camera. Very excited to see the results.

One other point of interest is the AJAC awards, where the Lexus RX 450h will be competing against the Subaru Outback & Volkswagen Touareg TDI for the Canadian Sports Utility of the Year.

8:21am: The RX 450h lost out to the Subaru Outback for Canadian SUV of the year—all three were eligible as winners of their respective classes.

9:24am: My first peek at the Lexus exhibit—looks like the LF-Ch is here, though it’s currently under cover awaiting its Canadian reveal.

11:46am: Made sure to take photos of the LSh LCD display, which is absolutely beautiful. Also have some GX 460 photos, though I’m not sure about my new camera flash.

12:21pm: Just received confirmation that I will be able to photograph the LF-Ch interior after the media reveal. Very excited!

1:32pm: Just did a quick interview with Stephen Beatty, Managing Director of Toyota Canada, about Lexus’ last month 62% year-over-year sales increase & the LF-Ch’s chance of coming to Canada. Will post a transcript ASAP.

3:27pm I just finished my photoshoot from inside the LF-Ch concept. Never expected that when I woke up this morning!

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