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Lexus NAIAS Detroit Exhibit Photos

Lexus at NAIAS Detroit

I’m now settled back at home after two days at NAIAS in Detroit, faced with the task of going through the 700 photos stored on my camera’s memory card. In a very real way, the auto show was overwhelming—I don’t know that I was prepared for the scope of it.

Of course, getting to see the LFA & the LF-Ch was the highlight of the show—I photographed every exterior square-inch of both vehicles, trying to record every detail:

Lexus’ exhibit was my homebase, and all of the spokespeople were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Every one of them had custom jewelry made from recycled Lexus tailpipes—here’s both pieces in one shot:

Lexus Tailpipe Jewelry

It’s likely going to take me some time to filter and process the photos—to start with, I put together this wide-angle photoset of the Lexus exhibit in order to give some perspective:

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Plenty more to come!