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Even More Leaked Toyota Prado/Lexus GX Photos

Turns out that I missed a set of next-generation Toyota Prado/Lexus GX spy shots:

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Front view

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Side View

Lexus GX/Toyota Prado Spy shot Rear View

Ignoring the stunningly bad decal, the side profile is clean and well sculpted. The exaggerated wheel-well continues to impress me, especially in the front fenders, but the front and rear portions of the SUV will need significant reworking before being released as the Lexus GX.

(Also note that while these spy shots show a swing-gate rear door with a capped spare, the Lexus GX will almost certainly have the two-piece lift-gate from the earlier spy shots.)

[Source: Autoblog]