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Official 2010 Lexus LS Hybrid Photo

In addition to the LF-Ch concept, Lexus will also be debuting its refreshed 2010 LS hybrid at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this month. As a teaser, an official image has been released (click for a larger image):

Needless to say, the much maligned grille looks much better than it did in those blurry brochure scans, though I did like the wheels from the leak much better.

Speaking of the brochure, a reader was nice enough to send me an English translation of the Japanese text, which I’ve included after the jump.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 1

Mainly a front grill, it was renewed as exterior for the exterior of a hybrid car. It is given improvement such as the expansion of the luggage room and it is raised charm more and appear newly.

LS600h and LS600hL evolved more.

For example, a design, a color, comfort, functionality. The LS-Hybrid demanded all of them as the figure which there should have been of the luxury model.

And we set “LS600hL version UZ” which has been the ultimate hospitality of the backseat newly. In response to the expectation that passengers send as the flagship of “Lexus hybrid drive”, it exceed the criterion of the luxury model which we built.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 2

We raise dignity and the strength of the flagship of the Lexus and widen a lineup more and appear newly.

We set “LS460 version SZ” that is the sporty version which pursued the pleasure of a car for driving,
and “LS460L version UZ” which has been the ultimate hospitality of the backseat newly.

We aimed at accepting the expectation of the each person’s passenger well. In addition, we have raised an ideal as the premium saloon and met the ideal.

For example the interior that made quality better, the luggage room which made it easy to use it.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 3

For example, tuned up suspensions, front brakes by Brembo, forged aluminum wheels of 19 inches by BBS, and paddle shift system. It provides the particular equipment, and their equipments are Only “SZ”. And the exterior for exclusive use of a thing of a powerful impression and the interior of the exclusive color raise joy to have a special car.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 4

We developed “fine-graphical-meter” newly. There is charm luggage room because it is wider.

The cockpit is dignified under the influence of the center cluster with the presence. By “fine-graphical-meter” developed newly, it projects a driving lane and a view with the front camera, so it supports your comfortable and safety driving.

In addition, we make luggage room wider so all LSs specifications without the spare tyre. “LS600h/LS600hL” can put four golf bags (9.5 inches size) in its luggage room because it is made the battery for electrically hybrids smaller.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 5

It equips the backseat left to have deep Lycra inning point of view toward with ottoman supporting a step comfortably and the relaxation system massage
“The rear seat entertainment system” that can be projected digital TV programs, and the rear seat provide your ultimate comfortable time.

You can choose 4 or 5 people use specifications. And they equip the suspension system that includes stabilizers, bushes, and arms developed newly, and exclusive tyre.

Furthermore, we provide the specifications (the option of the long body) that were able to be most comfortable.

2010 Lexus LS Brochure Page 6

The new world that spreads out in interior.

Interior only for you to choose among a variation of more than 40,000 ways.

We prepare material and color. You choose a favorite pair from the abundant variation and make a “your LS”… only for you.“L-Select” suggests a new way of enjoying interior. Besides, as for the item which you can choose, there are raw material of seats and door trims, a color, a roof and a wood panels…

Interior variation is more than 40,000 ways.

Showiness or coolness… Please enjoy your combination just as wanted.

(Thanks Riever)

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