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TAS 2009: The Lexus IS 350C in Silver

Lexus IS-C 350 in Silver

Now a few days removed from the Toronto Auto Show, I’ve been going through the virtual stack of photos that I took, and have compiled my first gallery — here’s the IS 350C in silver:

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As I mentioned previously, convertibles just don’t do it for me (likely due to dealing with bitterly cold weather six months of every year). That said, I like the look of the IS-C’s hardtop roof, and was a touch disappointed not to see it in action.

Really, this vehicle is a puzzle, introduced very late in the IS design cycle. The thinking, and I’m going out on a limb here, is that the SC redesign is still a ways off, and there needs to be a semi-fresh convertible in the lineup or risk losing segment sales. The real deal will be happening when the IS gets its next redesign — which I would expect will come in 3-series assortments: coupe, convertible, sedan, super-sedan.

  • IS front fascia remains modern and well suited to the convertible
  • Super wheel design suits the vehicle perfectly
  • Necessary addition to the IS lineup
  • Bulky rear
  • Trunk looks like a table
  • Sales may suffer due to IS design age