Lexus CT 200h in Brown Spice Mica

Lexus Europe has teased their Twitter fans with some quick photos of the latest addition to their fleet: a Brown Spice Mica CT 200h:

Lexus CT 200h Brown SPice Mica Rear

Lexus CT 200h Brown Spice Mica Front

Sure, the photo quality isn’t all that great, but it’s enough to give an idea of what the CT 200h will look like in darker colors. It’s certainly a tidy looking car — can’t wait to the first proper photoshoot to show up.

[Source: Lexus Europe Twitter]


  1. AMAZING !! Can't wait to see the black one too !!! Give us more :D
  2. seal wrote:AMAZING !! Can’t wait to see the black one too !!! Give us more :D
    I think you are the world's biggest CT fan! 8-)
  3. @krew: hahah thanks @krew... and i hope not the only one :P
  4. Cool color with a cool name lol The CTh looks great.
  5. I like that chrome on the grille. Lexus should offer an appearance package that adds a single-piece of LF-Ch-like chrome around the side windows, broken up only between the doors. I thought Lexus had made single-pieced chrome around the side windows their signature until the second generation IS came out aha A nice, sporty, unobstructive chrome bar on top of the rear license plates would be great too. Those wheels... Anyways, I really like the exterior; it looks great, and it looks like a Lexus; but the same thing can't be said about the interior... Has anyone seen this video of the 24 Hours of Nürburgring? The LFA is featured a few times as well as the GAZOO Racing team; there is this awesome part in which the bound-to-win M3 was pulled in as the camera follows an LFA taking off, leaving behind only its music. :-)
  7. gorgeous Amazing Fabulous8-)
  8. Those wheels....are they really 17? At Geneva they looked bigger. If so, we want the 18, right?8-)
  9. Is it me, or does the CT200h look EXACTLY like a Mazda 3 Hatchback with a Lexus emblem on it?
  10. @lexusjoe: shhh! Don't give the auto critics anymore ideas! :-P
  11. Stop saying that it looks like Mazda 3... !! And like @crew says ... the world’s biggest CT fan has to proove it !! So here are some EXCLUSIVE photos of this beauty !!! Oh and a starting price for Europe too ... : 31.000 euros ;) You can thanks me now :D 8-):-D:-P
  12. @seal: Where did these photos come from? If they're official, I might use one as my new site header. :)
  13. @seal: Thanks man aha I just hate how the designers brag about the design of the interior, but it's all fundamentals that they ramble about.
  14. @krew: yes, they are official shots but i only have these low-analysis samples. You can use the of course ;) The complete photo album in September ;)
  15. please, give us a rear photo! gets the car a rear wiper?
  16. @krew: use the internal still it's external not that growing up for me and other people i think they missed their chance by not using the external of the concept the concept external is much more heaven beauty like that dosen't mean that i hate that external i even love it but just dreamed with the concept external with that internal and a RWD or AWD all with that same price i think if they did that they might have now a win win win win Wild Card
  17. @seal: Seal thanks a lot man about those great shots
  18. @seal: As always, Lexus didn't use the best photos initially to introduce a vehicle! aha These are so much better!
  19. @rudii: wish i could but i am just a fan (ok .. THE FAN :-P ) of CT200h .. i don't work for Lexus! I will try to ask though ! ;) Thank you all guys !!
  20. In Italy: pre-order from Octber. In salons from March 2011.
  21. Those photos looks HORRIBLE and does a bad job as showing off a new car.... SEAL those photos you posted show what a good looker and stand out the CT is....a great design by Lexus and look yeard better then anything else in its class.
  22. bye
  23. Jay

    Looks great, I can't wait to get behind the wheel of a CT. My only gripe is from all the pictures I've seen none of the CT's had a sunroof. A sunroof is an absolute must for my next car. Every non convertible Lexus (including the HS) offers a sunroof, I hope the CT is as well.
  24. Jay

    Btw I haven't posted in a while. Krew, the site looks fantastic!
  25. Jay wrote:My only gripe is from all the pictures I’ve seen none of the CT’s had a sunroof. A sunroof is an absolute must for my next car. Every non convertible Lexus (including the HS) offers a sunroof, I hope the CT is as well.
    I think a sunroof is a safe bet for the production model -- and thanks for the compliment about the site! 8-)
  26. some better pictures from europe greetings from holland, im gonna drive one in march 2011 8-)8-)