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Lexus LFA Roadster Rendering

Dutch website Autogespot has put together a photochop of a production Lexus LFA Roadster, merging elements of the final production car and the 2008 LFA roadster concept:

Lexus LFA Convertible Side View

Lexus LFA Convertible Rear View

How far of a stretch would it be to expect an LFA Roadster to follow the LFA coupe? It would certainly help to recoup the V10 engine development cost, but there’s also the expense of developing a production roadster—along with usual price increase that goes along with having no roof.

Still, if Lexus has buyers for all 500 LFA coupes plus a waiting list, finding 500 buyers for a Roadster version may not be a stretch at all.

[Source: Autogespot (Thanks Safeer!)]