Lexus Hybrid Drive Explained

Lexus national manager of global training, Paul Williamsen was interviewed by Engineering TV on the technology behind the Lexus Hybrid Drive engines.
Kevin · January 24th, 2013

Details on the Lexus Autonomous Driving Research Vehicle

At a press conference today in Las Vegas, Lexus general manager Mark Templin officially announced the Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle (AASRV) packed with advanced automated technologies meant to assist the driver.
Kevin · January 7th, 2013

Possible Partnership with BMW?

News has emerged of a potential partnership between BMW and Toyota (and by extension, Lexus), with BMW supplying diesel engines in return for access to Toyota’s hybrid technology.
Kevin · November 29th, 2011

Lexus LF-Gh Equipped with Night Vision?

TLE reader Vogel spotted something interesting in one of the Lexus LF-Gh interior photos — it looks like the concept might just be equipped with Night Vision. Here’s the button in question, highlighted in red: Not much to look at, but here it is zoomed up: Compare it with this Night Vision button from a …
Kevin · April 15th, 2011

Lexus Builds Massive Driving Simulator

Lexus has created a new, extremely sophisticated simulator that fully mimics the driving experience: It’s hard to imagine what something of this magnitude would have cost, but as a way to gather precise data on otherwise dangerous driving experiences, it’s essentially priceless. Along with this commercial, a longer, more detailed explanation of the driving simulator …
Kevin · October 11th, 2010

New Lexus Enform iPhone App

Lexus USA has released a new iPhone app that works directly with the Lexus Enform telematics system: The key feature with this Lexus owners app is the ability to send destinations and locations from your iPhone to your Lexus’ navigation system, bypassing the need to type it in manually. This is a natural extension of …
Kevin · October 8th, 2010

Lexus USA & Canada Temporarily Halt GX 460 Sales

Both Lexus USA & Lexus Canada have issued a sales stoppage on the new GX 460 until the stability problem discovered by Consumer Reports is resolved—here is the full press statement from Mark Templin, Lexus Group Vice President and General Manager: “For more than 20 years, Lexus has made customer safety and satisfaction our highest …
Kevin · April 13th, 2010

2010 Lexus LS to Feature Self-Restoring Clear Coat

For 2010, the Lexus LS will be sporting an additional layer of clear coat paint that has the ability to heal itself: Unlike a conventional clear coat, TMC’s newly developed coat is not easily damaged and can even restore* itself even if it is deformed.  Moreover, it requires no special maintenance, prevents luster degradation caused …
Kevin · September 29th, 2009

Info on the Lexus LF-A Driving Modes (plus a Name-Change Rumor)

Japanese auto magazine Holiday Auto has published some new information on the LF-A, including details on the four Automated Sequential Gearbox (ASG) modes: Auto, Normal, Sport and Wet. Normal & Wet modes are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s what’s mentioned about the other two: Sport mode will allow for 0.2 second gear shifting. Auto mode will …
Kevin · August 16th, 2009