Lexus Infotainment System to Get Upgrade Next Year?

Senior brand manager for Lexus Europe, Leonardo Carluccio, has shared details with AutomotiveIT about the future of infotainment in Lexus vehicles:

Carluccio said Lexus will start offering upgraded infotainment in Europe in June, 2013. The system, which will rely on smartphones that connect through the Mirrorlink standard, will feature a bigger screen, improved connectivity and various connected services, including Google searching and various other Apps.

All Lexus models will have monitors that are at least 7 inches in diameter, Carluccio said.

A major upgrade will come in 2015, when new Lexus models will feature a totally new infotainment system with a range of new connected features and improved flexibility to add various features if and when desired.

While this new system may apply to European vehicles only, it’s more likely to be offered worldwide — Mirrorlink is a new global standard that creates a deep integration between smartphones and the in-car system.

Here’s a quick video demonstration:

There is one major drawback to the Mirrorlink standard — at this time, it does not work with the Apple iPhone. However, Apple has announced a new automotive iPhone initiative, and Toyota/Lexus was named as one of the nine initial automakers to have access to the technology (the Mercedes A-Class is the first known vehicle to implement the new system).

While there’s more questions than answers at this point, the June 2013 introduction suggests this upgraded infotainment system may debut with the next-generation IS — meaning we could see more about this new technology as early as the Detroit autoshow in January.

[Source: AutomotiveIT]

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  • October 7, 2012
any system where you have to keep your phone connected to it, even bluetooth, just isnt going to work much longer. why can i buy an ipad and use 4G on that, yet a 100k luxury car or whatever cannot? the future imo is a in-car infotainment system with its own service, if you so choose. of course people dont want to pay extra but with plans like verizon's shared data plan, we just may see the car infotainment system as just another data usage device. and of course people can still use a cable/bluetooth to connect the old fashioned way...  
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    • October 8, 2012
    its called choice .. and just like you say no one wants to pay extra 30$ a month.. I would like to have the choice of using my phone Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth and have a choice of sharing my data plan with my car... that way I can have my phone always put a way and with this I like the approach I said to my self one day since apps becoming a big thing with mobile devices why OEM infotainment system don't just connect to our phone and project what's on our devices home screen to the main screen just like say how the ATT MOTOROLA ATIV WORK you plug it in and everything shows up on the dock screen) just like what we see there .. that way we can use the nav system we like with 3D maps and answering phone calls, etc.. everyone would be please but I would block out games and other distractive items
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  • October 7, 2012
The question is how is it going to cope with the standard Lexus Remote Touch? Are they going to dump the system in favour of a touch screen? The current Lexus dashboard layout is not very intuitive for a touch screen. 
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  • October 7, 2012
It seems that the deal between Microsoft and Toyota finally bears fruit. I am excited and looking forward.