Next-Generation Lexus IS to Debut at Detroit Auto Show?

2014 Lexus IS

Hidden at the end of the previously featured GoAuto interview with Lexus Australia marketing manager Peter Evans was this ballpark timeline for the next-generation Lexus IS:

Mr Evans revealed that “early publicity” for the third generation of the volume-selling IS sedan will begin towards the end of this year, suggesting a Detroit reveal in the New Year.

With the new LS debuting later today, the 2013 ES reaching dealerships in August, and the rumor of a new mystery model reveal at the Paris Motor Show in September, Lexus should have significant momentum entering the new year — introducing a new IS at the Detroit Auto Show would likely take brand interest through the roof.

If the rumor’s true and the timing is correct, do you think the IS will debut as a concept or production model?

[Source: GoAuto]


  1. Production... Simply because it must
    • Agreed -- I think Lexus will want to maximize the year-end volume and stretching out the IS as a concept will just take too long.
  2. Concept at Paris show,production vehicle at Los Angeles or Detroit? 
    • agree...we will see a concept at Paris and the production model at Detroit next January. And i really hope we will see the IS cóupe in the near future.
  3. Concept in LA and production in Detroit. Rumor has it that the current IS will end production in December and the next gen will start in the Feb/Mar timeframe. With that information I don't think the production version will unveil any later than Detroit. The mystry unveil for Paris is rumored to be a "brand new" model, if that's true then the IS is eliminated (unless it's a coupe concept for the next gen IS, one can dream...).
  4. Either way,we've got a lot to look forward to! :-)
  5. No news here.  I expect a major ad campaign for the IS at the Super Bowl, just like the GS received. Full-production at the NAIAS BD
  6. I say production because they have all these mules and test vehicles. A concept would just be pointless. Also they said the IS design will be revolutionary so I dont think they would make it into a concept.
  7. :/

    has to be production. Lexus can't wait anymore for a concept then go another 3 years on the car
  8. IS concept will be revealed at Paris. Final production model will be revealed at Detroit. Current IS production (for Europe at least) is almost done with UK dealers having already received their final allocation of the IS250 Advance run-out model. The only modl still available is the very limited ISF
  9. What I do know is this...I can't wait any longer!
  10. Hope it would have a HUGE change , not just an update ... please please please !
  11. I think the concept or at least the big idea was behind the LF-LC. Lexus should bring a production IS at Detroit and a car that will outclass the everlasting leader of the segment, the 3 series.
  12. Damn, I'm torn over a new IS F. Should I pull the trigger now or wait? Anguish...
    • F1

      Seriously why not an IS350? The performance of it is very close the ISF.. And from 0-60mph they're essentially same speed, then obviously ISF will win
  13. Don't care -- either way, I'm going to Detroit!!!  
  14. They dont need to change much about the cars design as the current model still looks pretty much perfect as it is. Im hoping the changes are small. I guess it needs the spindle-grille and an updated, totally different interior. And a V6/hybrid option!
  15. So is it going to be an all new model, or just another lame refresh like the LS?
    • F1

      No one is sure yet.. But for some reason I think it's gonna be completley new.. Revolutionary..
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