Lexus LF-Gh Equipped with Night Vision?

TLE reader Vogel spotted something interesting in one of the Lexus LF-Gh interior photos — it looks like the concept might just be equipped with Night Vision. Here’s the button in question, highlighted in red:

Lexus LF-Gh Nightvision Button

Not much to look at, but here it is zoomed up:

Leuxs LF-Gh Night Vision Zoomed

Compare it with this Night Vision button from a BMW:

BMW Nightvision Button

This wouldn’t be the first time a Lexus has been equipped with night-vision — in fact, the 2002 LX 470 was the first production vehicle to have Night Vision equipped, and the current JDM edition of the LS is also available with the feature. Nevertheless, it brings up a good point — there’s still plenty more LF-Gh details left to be revealed.