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Lexus Previews Self-Driving Research Vehicle

In advance of its official debut on Monday in Las Vegas, Lexus has released a (very) short clip of their new autonomous research vehicle:

This video confirms the vehicle is the same LS 600hL that was spotted in Michigan a few months ago — the Lexus UK blog has a couple more details:

Fitted with a suite of advanced technology, including on-board radars and video cameras, the car is capable of monitoring the road, its surroundings and the driver. The car also keeps track of other vehicles…

Principally, the project is designed to explore autonomous technologies and high-level driver assistance systems related to Toyota Motor Company’s Integrated Safety Management Concept.

The Lexus press conference will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on Monday, 11am PST — the LS research vehicle will also be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show from January 8th-11th.

[Source: Lexus UK Blog]

  • Y
  • January 4, 2013
Why reinvent the wheels when Google's self-driving Prius and RX450h have already logged tons of proven miles? Please stop wasting time and resources making redundant effort and instead work with Google to get the system to production ASAP, Lexus!!!!
Nice! RADARS! Then these will work in slightly poor weather!
  • J
  • January 4, 2013
seems like the exact system as on the google vehicles. Probably they partnered up