Lexus Adds Two New Dealership Positions to Help Owners with Vehicle Technology

Lexus GS 450h

Lexus has announced that it has created two new dealership positions to help new owners get familiarized with their vehicles and all its technology:

The Vehicle Delivery Specialist (VDS) will introduce customers to their new cars and review the features of each vehicle.

The Vehicle Technology Specialist (VTS) will serve as a resource for customers who have any questions about how to use the advanced functions of their vehicle, including the new Lexus Enform telematics system.

To emphasize the importance of these customer-facing positions, Lexus is applying the philosophy of “takumi,” or master craftsman, to their jobs. Dealership associates are trained to treat customer service as a craft and are given advanced tools to help them go the extra mile with customers.

One way that customers can learn about their new Lexus is through custom iPad apps, which are available for download — also, dealerships will now be accepting Facetime video calls if a customer would prefer a remote personal tutorial.

The Lexus press release also includes quotes from two people tasked with these new positions:

Alex Oger, a Vehicle Technology Specialist who was recruited to Sewell Lexus in Dallas, Texas, from a local Apple Genius Bar says, “Every customer has a different comfort level when it comes to technology and it’s my job to find out what the customer wants to know and then explain it in a simple way. My philosophy is ‘let’s discover this together.’”

Oger also meets with customers at their first service after they’ve had a chance to drive their vehicle for a little while. He reviews the features and answers any questions they may have.

Dr. Thomas Trillin, a former podiatrist and passionate Lexus owner, is now a Vehicle Delivery Specialist at Superior Lexus in Kansas City. “I had owned five Lexus vehicles and loved the brand, so when I retired, Superior Lexus hired me to introduce customers to their new car. I always try to read the customers and make the process personal and enjoyable. Some people want to spend a long time and some just want the keys to drive out the door. I make sure the customer knows they can always come back for more information. This is not a one-shot deal.”

In my mind, this is exactly the type of service that’s needed to help new owners understand their vehicles, especially as the technology upgrades that debuted in the new GS make their way though the rest of the lineup — this is an excellent, pro-active move on Lexus’ part, and one that should pay immediate dividends in customer satisifaction.

Read the full Lexus Press Release

I need the VDS job! I may only be 13, but I'm highly qualified.
  • S
    Sora Yi
  • April 3, 2012
This is a great way to produce more jobs for Lexus enthusiasts!
Lexus stands for Leadership! BD
  • J
  • April 3, 2012
I'm a VTS at Lexus of Nashville and i LOVE my job!!!
    • M
      Mike DeLorca
    • April 3, 2012
    You are to be acknowledged !  Your enthusiastic love for your career will certainly shwo in your skills......  I have to say that with 6 new LEXUS purchases over the last 16 years, each and every one has been over the top. Never would they let me drive away without every question and answer taken care of and inside review of all technical observations and instructions reviewed.....this will certainly be another feather in LEXUS' cap so to speak.  One thing that I am curious about:  will you guys be able to do this if the buyer wants hand delivered to their home or office, etc. ? If I am not mistaken  Hyundai has boasted about that perk with their home set up and deliveries.  LEXUS has to be above that too !
  • R
  • April 3, 2012
How do I apply? Nothing would make me happier and increase my passion for Lexus more than this job.
  • Anonymous
  • April 3, 2012
I have been talking about this for years. With all of the stiff competition out there, it is important that every Lexus driver gets the most out of their vehicles. I talked to an IS owner that didn't even know that his car had voice activation for climate, audio and navigation. His Lexus was not delivered properly.
Wow! I can imagine myself driving this car! Cool!