Lexus GS Marketing Campaign Wins Adweek Award

Lexus USA’s advertising agency Team One has been honored by Adweek for its work on this year’s 2013 GS campaign, which included Lexus’ first-ever Super Bowl commercial and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team-up:

The promotion paid huge dividends. Within a month of the car’s Feb. 9 launch, its share of sales in the luxury sedan segment jumped to 17 percent from 2 percent, according to Team One executive media director Paul Silverman. Within two months, Lexus’ Facebook likes soared 39 percent to more than 1.2 million.

The GS is on pace to sell 24,000 units this year, four times the norm, in what Lexus’ national marketing manager Brian Bolain calls “reestablishing relevance.”

Considering the GS was almost cancelled due to poor sales, this year’s turnaround can only be considered a huge success — I really liked what Team One has done with the GS campaign, and I’m looking forward to what the agency has in store for the ES when it launches in August.

[Source: Adweek]

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