Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

Here it is, the Lexus Super Bowl commercial for the new 2013 GS:

The earlier teaser trailer showed more of the final product than I was expected — only the car reveal and the four illuminated car prisons is truly “new” footage. As a result, the commercial just breezes by and I’m left wanting more, especially at the end.

However, looking at the commercial from the perspective of someone that doesn’t write about Lexus every day, it works really well — the buildup is well-paced and cinematic, the Nebula Gray Pearl GS F Sport looks fantastic busting out of its cell, and the four model tease is a great way to keep people excited.

What do you think of Lexus’ new commercial?


  1. Love it! Great for attention! MORE MORE MORE! Open up those doors in the back!
    • YES !   Please open those doors in the back shots.....I like the advertisement, however, a little dissapointed in the teaser at the end.....I was expecting a quick split second teaser shot of some of the new next generation models coming soon. Like LS, IS, ES, and ??? a surprise.  Oh well, they will be out before we know it....I was just hoping for more of split second showing of more......
    • I was thinking the same thing... I thought they would show the other models but I guess not. :( 
  2. Interested ! :D
  3. I don't mean to disagree but the color is Nebula Grey(US) or Mercury Metallic/Dark Grey mica(Canada). Impressive commercial that gives me chills
    • it might actually be Obsidian. Its hard to tell from the lighting and colr "tinting". Mercury Metallic is silver, and its definitely not silver. It could be Nebula or Obsidian. Either way it looks nice. I saw it in Deep Sea Mica (Navy Blue) and it was un-impressive.
    • Just watched it again, and think Sebastien is right -- especially given that all the GS F Sport photos on the Lexus USA website are Nebula Grey Pearl.
    • It's grey........ BD
  4. Not being a party pooper here. Okay, maybe. Anybody else feel that releasing Superbowl adverts several days before the 'Big Game' sorta kills it? I do understand that saturating all avenues for exposure is probably the main reason. By diversifying distribution of content in all spaces does generate more buzz. Any way I LOVE the tv advert GO Lexus! 
    • 95% of the Super Bowl audience will not see any of these ads previewed online. It will be the first viewing for most of the 1 Billion+ viewers of the Super Bowl Car fiends like us get a little love...... BD
    • aha Yeah. We fans will be crying tears of joy when we see it on TV while others will be going crazy about it, just like the IS F commercials in movie theaters!
  5. GS350  GS350 F-sport  GS450h  Whats the fourth model being teased? There are four containers in the background.  Is Lexus saying there's going to be a fourth GS model we haven't seen yet? A GS F perhaps? 
  6. Seriously? That's it? What an incredible let-down. It's not even a minute! I know Super Bow time is expensive, but if you're gonna do it, go all-in. Absolutely love the car, but this spot is unbelievably disappointing.
  7. I think the ad is "cute", not earth shattering, But I DID drive the NEW GS350 yesterday. It was quite impressive. When you "open it uP" on the highway, it has an exhaust note that is reminiscent of the IS-F. Not as spectacular, but kinda close. It definitely SOUNDS mean and drives and handles very well. The windshield wipers and turn signals are a little different from what Lexus usually makes. The back seat was surprisingly roomy and the trunk is MUCH better, spacewise.
  8. The trailer has scenes the "full" commercial does not so I expect there is more to come on superbowl day.
  9. Obsidian is Lexus' Black, not grey. Nebula grey is the new replacement for smokey mica. And it seems like the 4 boxes are hiding the 3 new sedans and whatever else.  
  10. It's too subtle. I don't get it....... BD
  11. What's in the containers? 1.  Revised Lexus LX 2.  All-New Lexus ES 3.  Revised Lexus RX 4.  All-New Lexus IS BD
  12. F1

    I see Lexus desperately wants to regain the title they lost as the top luxury car in USA
  13. OMG...really nice I like the doors in the background to give a hint "Its just the begining" cant wait to see the other models :) cised
  14. Wish they brought more attention to the other garages at the end! (They were a little small lol)
  15. Dfr

    That's a very nice color..
  16. DAMN its a freakin SEXY car... you cant deny that it grabs your attention. I love that color
  17. Simple and clever, awesome ad. I can't think Lexus doing anything else.