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Lexus & Kylie Minogue Team Up for CT 200h Launch

Lexus UK announced a partnership today with pop star Kylie Minogue to promote the CT 200h: The new relationship will see Kylie – one of the world’s most iconic performers – supporting the introduction of the new Lexus CT 200h through the cross-media “Quiet Revolution” marketing campaign and publicity. In addition to appearing in the …
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Customized Lexus IS Billboards

The New York Times reports about a new IS billboard campaign from Lexus USA customized by highway: Toyota’s Lexus division recently mind-melded this contradiction in an outdoor advertising campaign that declares in supersize lettering that the 2011 Lexus IS is “overqualified for the B.Q.E.,” as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is known locally. That was just in …

Updated Lexus iPod Integration Coming from VAIS Tech

Just received word from site sponsor VAIS Technology about their new SL2iC iPod integration unit — check out these photos: The SL2iC will feature a touchscreen iPod interface along with the ability to play videos directly on the nav screen — two fantastic features to be sure. Initially, only 5th generation Lexus navigation systems, but …

Lexus LFA Scrollbroaaaar

As part of the Lexus LFA media blitz, German auto website Sport Auto received a new scrollbar: I’ve tried my best to see myself on the Sport Auto website, but to no avail — cute idea, though I wonder how well it would bear up to repeated exposure. [Via: Ads of the World]
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Sleek New IS Website from Lexus Canada

Last month, we saw behind-the-scenes footage for a new Lexus commercial featuring all versions of the IS — now here’s the finished product as part of a new IS section on the Lexus Canada website: Lots of energy to the site, and definitely worth clicking through — the video quality is just fantastic. Very sleek, …
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Great Lexus IS Convertible Billboard in Toronto

Check out this cool Lexus IS-C digital billboard in downtown Toronto: What’s interesting is that the position of the IS-C roof changes depending on the current weather, which is also displayed underneath the car. Very nicely executed! (Hopefully this is still in place the top is down when I’m in Toronto next week…) [Source: DSE]

New FamilyLinQ from VAIS Technology

VAIS Technology, makers of the premier Lexus iPod integration kits, are working on a new product called the FamilyLinQ—a small camera that you can connect to your navigation screen, making it easy to get see inside or outside the vehicle: After driving the LX 570 with its camera mounted under the passenger mirror, I can …

Lexus LED VLine Headlights from VAIS

VAIS Technology, makers of the premier Lexus iPod integration kits, have put together a new product to augment your front headlights: At first glace, it might look too similar to the Audi look, but this is a design cue that with be appearing on more and more cars (see the 2010 S-Class). I also like …

Mine Magazine Launches

The New York Times has a good summary of the launch of Mine Magazine, the customized, print-on-demand venture put together by Time Warner & Lexus: Subscribers pick five of eight magazines, like Food & Wine or Sports Illustrated, and articles from those magazines appear in their custom magazines. Readers receive several issues with an article …
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Lexus Voiceover Actor Switch Permanent?

In the latest US RX commercials, longtime Lexus voiceover actor James Sloyan was noticeably absent, replaced instead with James Remar, most recently from Sex & The City and Dexter. And now, Ad Age is reporting that the change may be permanent after talking with a Lexus spokeswoman: A Lexus spokeswoman said the marketer wanted a …
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Lexus ES & RX Pebble Beach Commercial, plus Pricing

Two pieces of Lexus Pebble Beach news today, first off, the much searched-for Pebble Beach commercial has surfaced on Youtube: Not much to the commercial, it’s strictly an announcement-style advertisement, but the Pebble Beach edition color really catches my attention. It’s nice to see it on more than just the SC 430. The other news …
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It’s Alive: A Lexus GS Commercial from Down Under

Here’s an absolutely brilliant commercial from Lexus Australia introducing the 2006 GS redesign: I wasn’t all that sure what was going on in the first ten seconds, but once the car started bleeding and sweating, it all came together. The thing that impressed me the most, though, was that although it’s a fantastic concept, the …

New Lexus The Power of H Marketing Campaign

Focusing on the importance of the letter H, the new Lexus hybrid marketing campaign starts today. Here’s the synopsis, from Lexus’ press release: The multi-platform campaign, which debuts today, communicates Lexus’ hybrid leadership and highlights the significance of h on a Lexus vehicle—which distinguishes hybrid from non-hybrid vehicles and symbolizes Lexus’ commitment to alternative power …

Lexus Rakes Up Their New Yorker Advertising

Included in the latest issue of the New Yorker was Lexus advertising of a different sort — mixed among the pages were leaves from the Salal bush, printed with slogans like the one above. NPR’s MJ Davis decided to investigate: Each leaf was unique, smelled like something derived from the earth and tasted — yes, …

New Interactive Lexus Web Adverts

Broadband TV is really coming on, and ABC has launched a service through their website that allows US viewers to watch full-length episodes of last season’s shows. Lexus is taking advantage of this high bandwidth stream to push insanely detailed interactive ads, based around their current print campaign. Four of these ads are available for …