Lexus GS Races Around Supermodel-Shaped Race Track

Lexus Swimsuit Model Tori Praver

After a test run last year, Lexus has become the official automotive partner for the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

To mark the occasion, Lexus made a racetrack in the shape of swimsuit model Tori Praver’s curves and had race car driver Scott Pruett and stunt driver Greg Tracy compete for her affections:

Also part of the marketing campaign is the Supermodeled iOS app, which lets you add Ms. Praver to any photo — here’s an example from the app page:

Lexus Supermodeled iPhone App

Finally, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine will include a four-page spread, and a Tori 500 game for iPhone users is also on the way.

I have to hand to the folks over at Team One — there’s so many ways this could have gone, but they really knocked this one out of the park. Fantastic work.

[Source: Lexus]


  1. Oh yes she did. 
  2. The GS-FSport is looking real good just need more LOWWW !!!!!
  3. Sexy girl, GS looks so mean going around the track.
  4. ECCEZIONALE RISULTATO PER LE VENDITE LEXUS IN EUROPA E IN ITALIA a gennaio, che ...hanno registrato un incremento del 75% (Europa) e del 57% (Italia) rispetto allo stesso mese del 2011. Un risultato positivo e in forte controtendenza rispetto alla situazione generale del mercato automobilistico, ottenuto grazie all’importante contributo dalla nuova CT 200h, l’unica compatta premium full hybrid disponibile oggi sul mercato.Visualizza altrodi: Lexus Italia
  5. The only thing Lexus does better than making great luxury cars is selling great luxury cars. Salud, Lexus marketing Dept.! For all you do....... BD
  6. Osu

    This whole segment looks like it could be taken out of a Top Gear episode...., really!
  7. That's not a swim suit.It's actually body paint...NICE!!!
    • O.K.,I watched the video & that's an actual swim suit,but seriously,in the still photos,it looks like it's painted on!
  8. Tacky, tacky, tacky. What are Lexus thinking of? Stupid idea, and degrading to women. If I were a woman, I'd avoid Lexus. "Oh, I'd love to drive a fast car around a track, but I'm just a blonde bimbo" What a bad joke.
    • It's a targeted demographic ad See it at or something. Lexus wants to attract younger male buyers.  You have a better idea that they haven't already covered?  You won't be seeing this on Oprah or Better Homes and Gardens If this is offending you, there's something else wrong...... BD
    • I'm all for forward thinking and this one was done with class. Not all ads with beautiful women in their bikinis are trashy. Situational awareness, keep it in perspective my man relax geesh. 
  9. Good ad, indeed.