Insights From a Lexus Insider: Karl Schlicht Announces Lexus Idea Engine

Karl Schlicht Lexus Idea Engine

The following is a message from Karl Schlicht, General Manager of Global Lexus Product & Marketing Planning, who will be addressing Lexus Enthusiast readers directly from time to time.

Dear Lexus Enthusiasts,

As you have seen from the Geneva Motor Show coverage, Lexus has moved to the next stage in our product roll-out with the launch of the newly revised RX350, RX 450h and the all-new RX F Sport versions.

Due to an (unintentional) leak, you had an early look at these new models, and now you have seen the official photos as well — the Spindle Grille update for the RX is very striking and adds new character to the SUV, particularly with the RX F Sport.

We have also been extremely busy with the public launch of the new GS. Sales results and orders were outstanding for February, and first reactions have been very positive in both North America and Japan, where sales started first. For example, in the U.S. the GS achieved 2335 sales, well above our sales plan, and in Japan we had 886 GS sales, making it the country’s best selling luxury sports sedan for the month.

Lastly, the reactions to my recent posts have been so interesting to us here at Lexus that we have decided to create a new section on our global site called the Lexus Idea Engine, which will allow for input directly from you. I can’t guarantee that we can implement every idea, but I can tell you our product team will see and review all the submissions. The Lexus Idea Engine will launch in early April, and I’m sure Kevin here at Lexus Enthusiast will let you know when it’s up and running.

I hope you liked what you saw from Geneva, and I will be back to update you on other news shortly — that is, if Lexus Enthusiast doesn’t give it to you first!

Karl Schlicht is in charge of the Lexus worldwide product and marketing planning division, which was formed two years ago to help guide the brand globally.


  1. This is awesome. Happy to see Lexus is keeping an eye on ideas generated from it's enthusiasts
  2. They should just focus on two areas: Facebook, a few committed Facebook pages, and this website. Lobbying as a customer in the automotive world is hard as is. :P
  3. Thats fantastic :)
  4. Most Excellent
  5. Jb

    I have money on Lexus to be top luxury brand in March in U.S market
  6. Dear Mr. Schlicht! I have an idea: Lexus should create a car with similar looks like the Ferrari FF, but with a Hybrid drive. A sporty 3 doors coupe/wagon with all wheel drive (when needed) what would be very appealing to younger buyers. It would need just enough space in the back seats for 3 adults... like the CT. Not more. And this car would create a new segment in the car industry. Of course Range Rover just released the Evoque what has these characteristics, but that car is a bit too chunky and it doesen't have hybrid drive. The Lexus could be a lot slimmer and sportier. Something closer to the Ferrari FF, than to an SUV.
  7. JB

    Wow, that Lexus Global website is gorgeous. I'm feeling the simplistic design. Is it a new design? I hope Lexus USA will incorporate something similar, I already see it in the 2013 GS page having one long page to scroll through like the Apple website. 
    • I'm with you JB---this Global LEXUS website is truly a work of art in itself.....the LEXUS websites have always been outstanding....have you ever tried to view a German website.....what a joke.....can't even see a Gallery of photos until you have given your birth and SS card to get through....if I was cross shopping networks I would be agitated before I found any remote bit of knowledge about their vehicles.....LEXUS KEEP MAKING OUR EXPERIENCE THE BEST ON THE PLANET !
  8. Karl, my man.......always good to hear from you. Question: When I give you my righteous ideas, and you righteously implement them into the fold, I should expect to be remunerated by corporate, in some form or fashion, yes?  No?  Maybe so? That would be...........righteous! (Plus you could put a nice PR spin on it) BD
  9. This the true "Pursuit of Perfection". Another reason why I love Lexus :)
  10. When will the new RX f sport be making it's way to dealers in the US?  
  11. Couldn't find the "Lexus Idea Engine" on this web about a good link?
  12. Good morning Mr. Schlicht.On a separate note,I was wondering if perhaps you could confirm for me(if your schedule allows)if Lexus or Toyota had followed up on some information I had provided them with in the summer? You see,I had stumbled accross a prestine Toyota 2000 GT(white as was most common)on Ebay & since I didn't have the $650 K 'buy it now price' to purchase it my self,I thought it might be a well timed opportunity for Lexus to exibit it on display next to the LFA,as the two compliment each other really well.It also,as you know,draws a visual connection with Toyota's past,present & future.I then spoke with a represenitive at Lexus Canada,who assured me he would pass the message on to his colleagues in the US.I never received confirmation,but I have indeed seen a 2000 GT on display,first at the Scion FR-S launch in Los Angeles,CA,(as well as the LFA) & most recently at Geneva.(again,with the GT-86)I have stayed tight lipped up until now,but my curiousity is getting the best of me. Even if the said vehicle isn't the same 2000 GT,(though highly unlikely due to age & a fewer amount produced than even the LFA)Is it maybe possible that this is where the idea of putting the 2000 GT on display with some modern sports cars commenced for Lexus/Toyota/Scion? Please don't go to a great deal of trouble as you have greater things to worry about.I just figured that since you're in Canada also,you might have a chance to ask someone the next time you're in the office. Either way,if I played a part or not,I thoroughly enjoyed both displays.Keep up the great work that all of you have accomplished lately.Thank you so much! Kindest regards, Brad McCully      
  13. My hope is that we get the RX F Sport one day for both gasoline and hybrid variants here in the USA. Being that the USA was the birthplace of the Lexus brand, we should get all the options that the other world markets get, if not more since we are the largest market. For example, Foglamps on the GS F Sport, GS 450h F Sport, and etc. There shouldn't be different option packages for different world regions. Everything should mainly be on the same level so each Lexus model can globally be recognized for its great option packages.
  14. Dear Mr. Schlicht, I've been always wondering why doesn't Lexus offer his full lineup for Europe? In Europe we just have the CT, IS (IS C), GS, LS and RX, and on top of that we don't get all the available engines. For instance, there's no IS350, no GS350, no RX350 or RX270 (Asian and Russian market) and no LS460 (it was offered but then it got removed). And of course some extras that should be available as well (Mark Levinson, Xenon) are not available for the CT (at least in Spain). When are we going to get the ES (which will perform really well here since it's "completely" new in its category) or the GX, LX? I believe GX and LX don't fit Europeans' need since there's no diesel engine option and the car is just way "too big". But for instance, Mercedes does show some models that you can hardly see them on road, like the G-Class. I believe that the more options and models you have, the more prestige and better image you create. It's not just about if it's worthy or not, it's more about how much reputation and brand image does Lexus have. Audi offers almost every S/RS of its vehicles, but we all know that they barely sell them. Lexus should do the same, even if it's just a mere marketing exercise. Also, the more engines you bring, the more market you can reach. I trully loved the idea of the all-new GS but you are just limitting too much their options since we all gonna get the GS450h, but just a smaller portion will get the GS250, and there's no GS350. I believe a GS250 would perform well in US market as well, since seeing how petrol prices are rising, they would definately switch to lower engines or alternative cars, just like the hybrid ones. One last comment about Lexus' hybrid lineup. Hybrids cars are great but they have a big problem, and that it's the price and the available engines. At this moment, Lexus' hybrid cars are just a way to show how much you are "concerned" about being green and they are not actually a fuel saver since it costs way too much and it's not a small engine like the CT or the Prius. If Lexus could change that, and offer engine like ·200h, 250h, 300h, that would be a great alternative for diesel powered cars here. Thank you for your time, Regards, Jake
  15. oh this really is wonterful ….