Insights From a Lexus Insider: Karl Schlicht Announces Lexus Idea Engine

Karl Schlicht Lexus Idea Engine

The following is a message from Karl Schlicht, General Manager of Global Lexus Product & Marketing Planning, who will be addressing Lexus Enthusiast readers directly from time to time.

Dear Lexus Enthusiasts,

As you have seen from the Geneva Motor Show coverage, Lexus has moved to the next stage in our product roll-out with the launch of the newly revised RX350, RX 450h and the all-new RX F Sport versions.

Due to an (unintentional) leak, you had an early look at these new models, and now you have seen the official photos as well — the Spindle Grille update for the RX is very striking and adds new character to the SUV, particularly with the RX F Sport.

We have also been extremely busy with the public launch of the new GS. Sales results and orders were outstanding for February, and first reactions have been very positive in both North America and Japan, where sales started first. For example, in the U.S. the GS achieved 2335 sales, well above our sales plan, and in Japan we had 886 GS sales, making it the country’s best selling luxury sports sedan for the month.

Lastly, the reactions to my recent posts have been so interesting to us here at Lexus that we have decided to create a new section on our global site called the Lexus Idea Engine, which will allow for input directly from you. I can’t guarantee that we can implement every idea, but I can tell you our product team will see and review all the submissions. The Lexus Idea Engine will launch in early April, and I’m sure Kevin here at Lexus Enthusiast will let you know when it’s up and running.

I hope you liked what you saw from Geneva, and I will be back to update you on other news shortly — that is, if Lexus Enthusiast doesn’t give it to you first!

Karl Schlicht is in charge of the Lexus worldwide product and marketing planning division, which was formed two years ago to help guide the brand globally.