2013 Lexus RX & RX F Sport Revealed!

2013 Lexus RX 450h

A brochure for the 2013 Lexus RX has been leaked online, and it confirms the crossover will be getting both a mid-cycle update and a F Sport package — first off, here’s the full brochure:

When the third-generation RX was introduced in 2009, it was a move towards a more masculine look when compared to the second generation, and this update takes it even further with an expert application of the new spindle grille:

2013 Lexus RX Front Grille

Even more aggressive is the F Sport package:

2013 Lexus RX F Sport

Can’t believe how good the RX F Sport looks, especially as a mid-cycle improvement — I’m not crazy about how it looks with the vented front under spoiler, but that doesn’t take away from the overall appeal.

I still want to go over the interior and examine the F Sport package in further detail, but I want to hear from you — what do you think of the 2013 RX?

(P.S. If you’re able to translate the Japanese brochure, please get in touch.)

[Source: Minkara] (Thanks Leopaul!)


  1. That black RX looks handsome! The new grill and LED's are sculpted nicely.
  2. F package + brown/camel interiors = perfect combination
  3.  What happened to my comment? Anyway, as I mentioned earlier " I like the black RX, it looks handsome! The new grill and LED's are sculpted nicely. The long chrome fangs could take some time to get use to :/
  4. LEXUS GET RID OF THAT CHROME LININGS WITHIN THE GRILLE!! The SRX is going to sell well coz of that. XD 
  5. RX F Sport. Woooooo, now this is what I've been saying for years. No pics of the back but I'm assuming it has a rear diffuser and wing. Haha wishful thinking but I see you Lexus, I see You! 
  6. se puede enviar a el salvador directamente una unidad?
  7. im not in love with the new design. and this is coming from a current RX450h owner.  Also, krew, the front under spoiler with the vents in on the current models as well
  8. Looks awesome!  Love the rims.  From the picture it looks like it has the next gen. remote touch as there are no enter buttons on the sides.  Anyone know if any new options will be added?  
  9. PG

    Great mid-cycle facelift. The only complaint I have is that - at least from what we can see in the brochure - the F-Sport is available only with the black/aluminum interior. Nonetheless nice to see Lexus continuing the trend set by the new GS and offering more interior color options, especially digging the dark red Cabernet.
  10. Looking great!  However, its weird how the chrome surround only goes around the sides and the top. It seems incomplete without the bottom bit. But gee, the F-Sport looks so sexy.
  11. I've realize whole headlight changed in shape ! Edit 1 : RX270 is new for Japan or they already have it before ? Edit 2 : The taillight is AWESOME !
  12. The F-sport does look a lot more aggressive which I like. It is also good to ditched the wood grain in the F-sport. I can't wait to see the rear end of the F-sport version. From the picture, the RX still sits a bit high. "Like"
  13. I really ... really ... like the look of that RX. Looks very nice  !! Great job Lexus. Infact, i cannot wait until all the Lexus models have the spindle grill look because it will give the brand a true identifty and a look i like very much. Cheers   
  14. Lexus needs to release HQ pictures NOW!
  15. The F-Sport package is nice! If I needed a RX I'd definitely consider that. It does look a little more aggressive and masculine. The new grille is gonna take some time getting used to; I don't like how the chrome goes nearly all the way to the bottom of the front bumper.
  16. Yeah I like the variety!
  17. Suspect! Hurry up with the IS already.
  18. F sport RX will be getting sport suspension and an 8-speed trans with paddle shifters.  
    • Great find about the paddle shifter as the picture is too burry to see the words and the details of the interior.   However, it should still be 6-sped trans.. according to the other picture that lists the specifications.. 
  19. Can 2011 RX fitted with 2013 head lamps (with the daytime running light)??
    • To me, it looks like the entire front headlight casing has been modified, so I would say no. Could be wrong, though.
  20. It looks nice, but my only problem is adding the grille to a car that wasnt orignally designed to have it...(ie also the LX) the grille looks a little tacky in some angles but I applaud them for making the best with what they have. Also the extra chrome that extends all the way near the bottom of the bumper is too long I think. It should either be completed at the bottom instead of just hanging there for cut it off after the top grille...
  21. Why does Lexus price the RX so expensive in Australia? RX350 starting price of $90,000 The previous RX was only 69k
  22. Looks fantastic I just hope those paddle shifters are not made of plastic.
  23. it is cool and very agressive look, they lack the stering wheel paddle shifters 
  24. I think the new spindle grille looks a bit awkward for the current gen Lexuses It looks much better on the next gen including the new GS
  25. Jay

    I agree with Krew, not to keen on the underbody spoiler. But the rest of the face lift is a nice improvement. The F Sport model is also a much needed addition to the lineup.
  26. The grille works of the GS but does not work on the handsome RX.....too aggressive and mean looking.
  27. Wow this is nice. I wonder how the GX will look at it's mid-cycle. I'm not a current fan of the GX right now.
  28. Translating the F Sports equipment on the lower-right corner... Performance: - Performance damper (front & rear) - F Sports exclusive suspension Exterior: - F sports exclusive spindle grille front bumper - F sports exclusive emblem (front fender) - F sports exclusive aluminium rim with 235/55R19 tyre Interior: - F sports exclusive black interior. - (couldn't read it) - F sports pedal shift - F sports leather shift knob & steering wheel - F sports exclusive sports pedal etc.
  29. Diggin' the spindle grille here! Haven't seen a Lexus they didn't improve with it (GS, LX, RX) The RX F-sport grille, eh..........not so much..... But appreciate the effort! Keep rockin'! BD
  30. I actually love the look of the new F sport grill, in fact basing opinion just from that 1 picture, really liking the whole new look.
  31. Kbk

    The clowns - blog-teens - who demanded a more 'bold' design for Lexus, wanted it to be like a shouting Audi and those who cried over the so-called 'blandness' should now wear a red nose. This car now looks idiotic. Too bad, because it used to be a fine and good looking car. now... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/ce/Noaa-walrus22.jpg/800px-Noaa-walrus22.jpg
    • I'm in my 30's & currently drive a Subaru Outback.I don't think that warrents a clown nose,but if you'll lend me yours,I think,with my size 13 shoe,I might be able to pull it off.
  32. The first pic of the RX from dead front it looks AWESOME. My ONLY problem is the F Sport could use better wider and bigger wheels. Some 19 inch F-Sport wheels or 20 would fit it great. Interior looks sweeeeeeeet
    • Joe

      F SPORT version will have 19" wheels.  The only problem is that it keeps the narrow tires 235/55R19...  Better choice would have been to adopt 265 at the rear like new GS F SPORT.  That would make the more masculine look complete...
  33. I am the current owner of both 3RX350  and 3RX450h and I LOVE the new upgrades, both the exterior and interior.  May have to trade my 350 for it.  Good works Lexus.
  34. it looks like the tail lights will get those nice L-Stripes (like on the 2013 GS model)
  35. The RX270 show the front light cluster off the RX450h? Is this intended or an optical illusion?
  36. I was a little bit caught off guard towards the aggressiveness of the F-sport model at first,so I thought I'd give it a few days before commenting to see if I warmed up to it.I can now conclude that I really appreciate the more masculine look.It's nice to have a vehicle that my wife can easily drive while hauling our 3 children & 2 dogs & that I can drive also & not feel like a soccer mom/dad when I'm driving it.I was considering a LX,but this may be a better choice for fuel economy reasons.
  37. I really wanted Lexus to redesign the rear end of the RX. It's ugly, particularly around the license plate. Looks like a monster baring its teeth. > /<
  38. should be more powerfull, I am talking about the 3.5 liter and 306 hp from de is model and a wider and bigger wheels 19 or 20 in, it is my opinion
  39. I own an 350RX 2010, and to be honest, I am hoping for few things to get straight. 1. Engin is not that strong, it should get more hp. 2. Road noises are still an issue. I don't know if they fixed this one. 3. Interiors noises: it is noticeable that the interior has lots of plastic. I would like to see more of the new GS stitches, leather, wood, etc. 4. This new facelift is not bad, but I think it kills the smooth look it has before.  5. I wish to see more settings for sport, normal, comfort panel. Nevertheless, although I loved the car, but I stil think a bmw x6 or a merc SUV is sort of an upgrade for my self on my next purchase.
  40. Big question... have they added dual exhaust?  Can't tell from the pics, but doesn't look like it.  What's up with that?  Virtually every SUV this car competes with has duals, from Acura MDX to Ford Explorer.  AND, virtually every other Lexus model, from IS to LS has duals.  So what's the hold up??
  41. Nice job on the RX!  I wonder if the panoramic sunroof presently available in Dubai will eventually be available elsewhere, most competitors have it and it looks so nice!  Wow, I don't know why it is so expensive in Australia?  In Canada, the base RX 350AWD starts at $44,000 Canadian!
  42. Wait... the 2009 redesign was suppose to make them more masculine? The current models are in my opinion anythig but masculine and appear like wussy little bug mobiles. They definatly needed to get rid of that beak-like bumper and do something to the headlights and not make it look so much like a fat bird. The update looks much better IMO.