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Lexus News: Russia

Lexus Russia Releases 2013 ES Commercial

I don’t know Russian, so I’m not sure the reason behind all the smoke.

Lexus Considers Manufacturing ES in North America, Releases Regional Sales Estimates

WardsAuto spoke with Tim Morrison, Lexus USA’s vice president-sales and dealer development, about the increased pressure from dealerships for a North American-built ES.

Russian Lexus LX 470 Gets a Fur Coat

Some fashion-forward individual in Russia has given their Lexus LX 470 the ultimate winter accessory.

600,000 Miles and Four Years of Driving: The Story Behind the New Lexus GS

Lexus Magazine has the story on the four years and 600,000 miles that Lexus GS chief engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori and his team spent testing the current GS and pre-production models on roads across the world.

Lexus ES 300 Goes for a Swim

Somehow, Mondays and depressing Lexus videos seem to go hand & hand — last week, it was watching an IS F being crushed, and this week it’s an unfortunate parking job that results in an ES 300 taking a river bath.

Russian Lexus LX 570 with TRD Supercharger

In order to bring some heavy power to the Lexus LX 570, a Lexus Technical Center in Moscow installed a TRD supercharger for some impressive results