More Details on the Lexus Hybrid Art Exhibition

The Lexus Hybrid Art Exhibition opened on Thursday in Moscow, and with it comes more information on the the artist works that are being featured. Here’s some examples:

Numen/For Use

Numen/For Use creates giant plastic mazes made entirely out of tape:

The first time Numen/For Use constructed an art object from ordinary tape was at a small Croatian gallery. They used 8 kilometers of duct tape for the project. Over time, the volume of their installations has grown in proportion in parallel with the popularity of their creative team and the spaces of the exhibition premises.

A web, woven within the Odeon, the former Vienna Stock Exchange, needed 35 kilometers of tape weighing 45 kilograms. The last Numen/For Use exhibited at the Berlin International Fair of Design in 2010 showed tendons of the multilayer tape first stretched inside the building, then wrapped up in a long and continuous shape.

Aaron Koblin

American artist Aaron Koblin created data visualizations of text messages:

Koblin’s work can be defined as ‘infostetika’ – aesthetics of information which are created with the help of special software designed to handle massive amounts of data, which are then rendered and presented as moving graphics. VISUALIZING AMSTERDAM SMS MESSAGES shows the activity of mobile communications in the Dutch capital during the holidays.

The Lexus Russia Event page details all of the artists and their works — very inventive stuff, and I’m thrilled to see Lexus involved. Wish I could have attended.

View all the artist works

  • Anonymous
  • May 22, 2011
 I thought only insects and spiders could do this!!!