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Lexus Hybrid Art Exhibit in Moscow

Lexus Russia held a new Hybrid Art exhibition at the Vetoshny Arts Centre in Moscow in early April, and here’s the official video:

The Hybrid Art official site listed multiple exhibits ranging from camera obscura (darkened room) displays to software-generated art and interactive sculpture. Additional exhibit images are on the official Facebook page along with this description:

As leader in the automotive sector Lexus is the first car developer in Russia to introduce a new kind of art: hybrid art.  The project LEXUS.HYBRID ART shows the art of the future. Hybrid art, a new language of art!  Hybrid Art is a new way to translate the present, a format for artworks.  Hybrid art blurs the traditional boundaries between painting, sculpture, film, architecture, installation, and performance art.

(In addition to the official video shown here, on YouTube there are a number of Hybrid Art videos uploaded by exhibit visitors, showing a series of rooms with esoteric and sometimes dazzling displays.)

[Source: Lexus Hybrid Art and ITAR-TASS news]

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