Russian Lexus LX 570 with TRD Supercharger

In order to bring some heavy power to the Lexus LX 570, a Lexus Technical Center in Moscow installed a TRD supercharger for some impressive results — check out the pull as compared to a stock LX:

Clearly, there’s some extra bite — the supercharger boosted the 5.7L V8 engine up over 500 horsepower and 548 ft/lb of torque, as compared to the standard LX 570’s 383 horsepower & 403 ft/lb. The result is almost 1.5 seconds off its 1-100km time, which dropped from 7.8 seconds to 6.19 seconds.

One nice little touch is the F badge on the fender, you can see just a hint of it in this dyno video:

If you’re interested in the details, I suggest visiting the detailed breakdown & installation — even translated from Russia, it’s easy to follow.

[Source: Lexus Technical Center] (Thanks Oleg!)