600,000 Miles and Four Years of Driving: The Story Behind the New Lexus GS

Lexus GS TestingLexus Magazine has the story on the four years and 600,000 miles that Lexus GS chief engineer Yoshihiko Kanamori and his team spent testing the current GS and pre-production models on roads across the world, all to make sure the next-generation GS provided the best driving experience possible.

Read about the GS Development Testing


  1. That's a lot of driving !
  2. Great read! And that's a lot of fun!
  3. F1

    Yeah the next GS will be a good luxury/sport combo
  4. pretty cool!
  5. That's actually very little test mileage when you consider that some brands clock up to 2.5 million miles on their test cars.
    • Yes! 600 000 is really nothing compared to Mercedes-Benz Testing. They drove the E-Class 36 000 000 kilometers (approx. 23 000 000 miles)
    •  But then I think the magazine just covered the amount of driving of the chief engineer Yoshihiko Kanamor and his team (not the whole team involved in the car development process)
    • This is exactly right -- this 600,000 miles is only speaking of the testing done by the Chief Engineer and his direct team, and it appears it was more of a fact-finding mission rather than car development.
    • two more wks. krew. i will see the new gs feb. 1st at ray catena lexus of monmouth.. hopefully the actual production car gs 2013..
  6. Yes, Mercedes does test their prototype cars for a few million kilometers. I think the current C class racked up something like 3.5 or 4 million km in test mileage. That blew me away when I first read about that. It's insane how car companies test their pre-production models these days to ensure the best possible product. It's probably also due to the fact that competition has increased.