Russian Lexus LX 470 Gets a Fur Coat

Some fashion-forward individual in Russia has given their Lexus LX 470 the ultimate winter accessory:

Outfitting your SUV in a giant fur coat is wrong for so many reasons I don’t even know where to begin — this takes conspicuous consumption to an entirely new level.

(P.S. The bunny tail on the front grille is a nice touch.)


  1. It's not Russia. According to the license plate, the car's from Dagestan Republic. This **** is regular for Dagestan people...
  2. Don't some designer brands charge millions for such a thing? This is SWEET!
  3. What;...the...F? and I use to think cars in Saudi Arabia was bad....this just beats it.
  4. Now that's class! BD
  5. PETA going to have a field day.
  6. While I don't agree on what the owner did, if your going to spend money outfitting your car with fur, at least don't make it look like someone's old fur coat.   (reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George buys that Russian hat and looses it and is forced to buy a fake one in Central Park and it falls apart...) 
  7. holy crap i know what that is!