More Details on the Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

Lexus Super Bowl Commercial

Lexus USA vice president of marketing Brian Smith was interviewed by Big Lead Sports about the upcoming Lexus Super Bowl commercial and provided some new information on the spot — here’s a couple of key questions:

Big Lead Sports: What are you looking to have happen with the commercial: Raise brand awareness for Lexus and/or the 2013 models, drive consumers to Lexus dealers, attract consumers who may not have Lexus on their radar, other, a combination of all or some?

Brian Smith: I’d go for all of those. There are really three specific things we talked about. First is clearly to send a message. People have never seen Lexus on Super Bowl Sunday. So some people would say that Lexus is making a statement. The fact that there is a change in our brand is going to be clear, and that it comes through. Second is the launch of the 2013 GS. This is the featured vehicle and really the first of an all-new face of Lexus with a single-grill spindle grille design. That will be very clear in this ad. Third, that there is a lot more to come. GS is just the first in what will be this onslaught of new models.

BLS: Lexus has released a short teaser for the ad. Have you seen the whole commercial?

BS: Oh, yeah! Love it. I believe we will release the entire ad on Jan. 31.

Looks like tomorrow is the big day for the Lexus commercial — and while I really don’t understand releasing Super Bowl ads before the actual Super Bowl, I’m willing to make an exception in this case.

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