New Lexus “Engineering Amazing” Marketing Campaign

Lexus USA has pushed out a brand new marketing campaign today – let’s get to the videos right away, starting first with the actual commercial and followed by some further background material:

The best thing about this commercials is the insight they’ll provide to the general consumer — namely that hybrid technology isn’t dependant on fossil fuels. It can be paired with any number of engines, and can be looked at instead as a complimentary power source with its use of the car’s actual kinetic energy.

This commercial series continues to refine Lexus’ marketing message and its focus on innovation & invention — I liked this press release quote from Lexus USA vice president of Marketing Dave Nordstrom:

“This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a statement that, for Lexus, the best is yet to come,” says Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “It’s not about simply making incremental strides and improvements, but about taking giant leaps in innovation.”

“The first evidence of this,” Nordstrom notes, “came with the recent unveiling of our LF-Gh hybrid concept car.” The vehicle, which made its global debut at the New York Auto Show, represents an entirely new design approach for Lexus—one that is bold, aggressive and evolved.

Even more broadly, this “Engineering Amazing” campaign signals an evolution in Lexus’ overall marketing — another quote from the press release:

The new campaign also kicks off a new look and feel for Lexus advertising and consumer communications. Signaling the automaker’s future-forward evolution, marketing designs are more emotional and exuberant, using strong colors and rich photography. The print and digital creative feature a dynamic new headline style and the broadcast work utilizes cinematic and experiential music to elevate the commercials. Additionally, to showcase the vehicle design, dramatic angles and lighting sculpt the sheet metal with light and contrast and find interest in every curve, combining the classic qualities of Lexus with a new vigor and passion.

[Source: Lexus Pressroom & Lexus USA Website]


  1. the last one with the LFA is so amazing. I love the "until we proved them wrong" such great marketing
  2. Amazing commercials! This is a nice way to follow up on "The Hard Way"!
  3. Sheer genius.
  4. Yes Lexus is showing the other companies that they are #1 for a reason. So much go into their cars its so good to see the effort behind what they make. #teamlexus
  5. I like them, this just shows Lexus are the controllers of the world and the rest are just followers..
  6. The last video is AMAZING!!! It's like a giant middle finger to all the naysayers :P   Saw the first video on TV today .... I can't ell if they are saying: 1) The next lexus hybrid can use ANY fuel or 2) they will release diesel/bio fuel/ethanol/etc versions in the future. #1 would be cool :P