2013 Lexus GS Press Presentation

In terms of pure information about the next-generation Lexus GS, there are few things out there like a presentation from Lexus USA General Manager Mark Templin and Lexus College’s Charles Hubbard — here’s their full hour-long talk during a recent press event in Las Vegas:

Sales & Marketing

Technical Overview


Q & A

This was roughly the same presentation I saw a couple weeks back, and formed much of the first three parts of my review — I definitely recommend watching these videos if you’re looking for a deep look at the next-gen GS.

(Thanks Joe Z!)

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Love these! This is what I picked up: http://www.facebook.com/LexusandThePursuit/posts/134475723329611 - They use the old complaint as an excuse: "8 gears is too many." - We also learn that this platform is indeed not the same as the outgoing GS's, but it is an evolution of the platform that gave us the Supra and the first SC! - Then, we learn that Lexus is taking the safe route by staying with the nickel battery instead of the moving on to lithium-ion like the Prius. - If the GS isn't for the typical Lexus owner, there's still the ES. - A lot of the features might not end up on the cars on the dealer lot. - Lexus insists that the V8 is unnecessary.
What chassis is the new GS use ? Still the S-Chassis as before ? I'm not-so-sure on Nickel Battery though & if you put the gear ratio nicely ... 8 gears would be good too , for example made 1 to 7 slightly close & 8 is for highway cruise .
LExsus on the first video really awesome! Gorgeous!!!!
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  • December 5, 2011
The eye detection system cracks me up, but does it make a loud alert noise to wake me up or something? cuz in my long drives I often get pretty tired and I focus on sceneries more than the road hahaha! I thought I knew everything about this car already from all the reviews online but damn, there is so much more info in these videos that i have no idea existed, great source of info.