Lexus Places Tenth in Global Automotive Brand Study

Lexus Top 10 Auto Brands

The 2011 edition of the Brandz annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands has been released, and Lexus has once again cracked the top ten in the Automotive category after missing from the list in 2010.

The global study relies on data collected by more than 1 million consumer interviews, and has pegged Lexus’ brand value at $3.648 billion, only 4% behind Audi. When you consider that Lexus is still trying to establish itself in both European & Chinese markets, the results are certainly a positive signal with plenty of room for growth.

[Source: Millward Brown]


  1. I just don't see why anyone would choose a Mercedes, BMW or Audi over a Lexus?.. LS460 best flagship luxury (without a doubt about it, and once you see a LS460 it makes the S-class and the 2011 7 series and A8 look a class under), RX350 best crossover SUV. ES, IS & GS are each good in their own respect, ES is a luxury (sort of like a mini LS) IS is sporty luxury and GS is more of a luxury with a touch of sportiness.. ISF is better then C63 and Audi RS4 and is neck and neck with the M3 LX, GX are lyxury land cruisers (Just go to the GCC countries to see why they're so popular there).. And LFA is a hypo car!
  2. I agree with Lurve! But GX are luxury 4runners which ARE mini land cruiser! Good for Toyota too! But Im surprised with Porshe being on there...
  3. Shouldn't Lexus be bundled in the Toyota #s?
    • Although Lexus is part of Toyota (just as Porsche & Audi are part of VW), it's still a separate brand with its own value. :-)
  4. Dis

    I hope Lexus overtakes Audi this year.. But isn't the Lexus LS the 2nd best selling flagship luxury car globally behind the S-class..? So the LS outsells A8 and 7 series globally
    • I've seen this quoted a few times now, but have never seen a source to back it up. I should look into it.
    • Dis

      I read a legit article about how ever since 2007 when the LS went global, it has overtaken the 7 series ande A8 and just trails the S-class by 10k units globally i'll try and find that article
    • That would be great, thanks!
    •"By 2007, the Lexus LS ranked second globally in flagship sales, next to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class' 85,500 units, with 71,760 Lexus LS sedans sold worldwide,[147] and over half the total coming from outside the U.S. market.[148] In 2008, U.S. sales fell 42% amidst the late-2000s recession, mirroring the overall decline of the luxury car market.[149]"
    • That's an amazing statistic, thanks for digging it up!