Lexus Recreates Original LS 400 Commercial with LS 460

Welcome to the power of the Internet — after seeing a Lexus owner’s unsuccessful attempt to recreate the original Balance LS 400 commercial with his LS 460, Lexus and their ad agency Team One decided to try out the experiment themselves:

There we have it, proof that the LS 460 is a worthy ancestor of that original LS — just as smooth even with its significant boost in power and much shapelier design. Hopefully this will save the hood of Jeff’s car from any further experiments!


  1. Not bad but I do see a flaw in their experiment. If they were trying to replicate the original experiment, wouldn't they try to replicate the same setup. The original commercial has the LS400 on a incline to level the hood and with the rear wheels on the dyno and in gear, whereas the recreated version has the front wheels on the dyno to level the hood and not in gear. In my mind, there is no load or any noticeable vibration that can be produced when revving the engine; not unless the engine wasn't propertly tuned. Now if the vehicle was in gear, the results could differ since the engine is transferring the torque and power through the transmission and to the body of the vehicle through the engine mounts.
    • I'm not saying that I'm correct or saying that Lexus did not do this experiment correctly; but if I remember way back in one of my college science course, you always want to recreate the enviroment, tools, setup, etc, as close to the original as possible.
    • Agreed, there are differences, but I'm still impressed that Lexus would put something together like this. Who knows, maybe we'll see a full commercial recreation yet!
  2. I think it would be a good investment to do the same test for the S550 and 745i. It would be a greatest Lexus achievement over their failures.
  3. man i love these guys. shoutout to Chris the guy behind the wheel. awesome teacher!
  4. So cool how they responded! I love Lexus and Team One!
  5. RDS

    Guys ... do you realize the cup that Lexus use is always wider & lower than whatever other people use ?